18 terms

Past tense verb conjugations

to watch, to go, to do
Yo miré
I watched
Tú miraste
You watched
El/ella/Ud miró
He/she/you watched
Nosotros miramos
We watched
Vosotros mirasteis
You watched
Ellos/Ellas miraron
They watched
Yo fui
I went
Tú fuiste
You went
El/ella/Ud fue
He/she/you went
Nosotros fuimos
We went
Vosotros fuisteis
You went
Ellos/ellas fueron
They went
Yo hice
I did
Tú hiciste
You did
El/ella/Ud hizo
He/she/you did
Nosotros hicimos
We did
Vosotros hicisteis
You did
Ellos/ellas hicieron
They did