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chapter 1
which of the choices below correctly lists things from largest to smallest
Universe,local group,milky way,solar system
modern scientific theories are NOT
ONLY a spherical earth would always cast a circular shadow on the moon
about how many stars are visible on a clear,dark night with the naked eye alone
a few thousand
into how many constellations is the cellestial sphere divided
what are constellations
groups of stars making an apparent pattern in the celestial sphere
where on earth would you be if polaris was at your zenith
the north pole
In general what is true of the alpha star in a constellation
it is the brightest star in the constellation
what is the range of values for declination
+90 to -90 degrees
what is the range of values for right ascension
0 to 23 hours
while watching a star,you see it moves 15 degrees across the sky. how long have you been watching it
15 minutes
which statement about declination is FALSE
it is measured eastward in units of time
A star with a right ascesion of 1.0 hours will rise
1.0 hour after the vernal equinox
which statement about right ascemsion is FALSE
it is very similar to latitude on the earth
how long is the precission cycle
26,000 years
the place the sun stops its northward motion along the ecliptic is the
summer solstice
the places where the sun crosses the equator are called the
a year is defined as
the time it takes for earth to complete an orbit around the sun
from a location in the united states, a star is observed to be rising due east. where will this star be located 6 hours later?
high in the southern sky
which statement about the ecliptic is FALSE
the moon can never leave it, but moves twelve times faster than the sun
you note that a particular star is directly overhead. it will be directly overhead again in
23 hours 56 minutes
that polaris will not always be the pole star is due to
precession shifting the celestial pole
what celestial line is a product of the earth's orbit around the sun
if your astrological sing is aries, the sun should be in the constellation aries on your brithday. the dates, according to astrological tradition, during which the sun is in the constellation aries are march 21 to april 20th in which constellation is the sun actually in?
where would you be if the sun sets for six months,beginning on september 23rd
north pole
when is the sun located at 6 hours RA, -23.5 degrees declination
sun is never found at this position
where would you be if the sun passes through your zenith on december 21st
tropic of capricorn
when the sun rises it is located in the constellation gemini. when the sun sets later that same day it will be
in the constellation gemini
which statement about the lenght of a day is false
the sideral day includes both the earth's rottion and revolution around the sun
if taurus is now rising at sunset, which constellation rise at sunset next month
a solar eclipse can only happen during a
new moon
a unar eclipse can only happen during a
full moon
if the moon rose tonight at 6 pm, then tomorrow it will rise about
if you are in the moon's umbral shadow, then you will witness
a total solar eclipse
which statement about the first quarter moon is false
from th earth, it appears 25% sunlit
if new moon fell in march 2nd, what is the mon's phase on march 14
waxing gibbous
why is there a two day difference in the sidereal and synodic months
the earth is also revolving around the sun so the moon must "catch up"
what conditions are necessary for an annular solar eclipse
new moon on ecliptic apogee
what conditions are necessary for a total solar eclipse
new moon on ecliptic near perigee
driving eastward just before sunrise, if you observe the moon in the eastern sky, its phase must be
waning crescent
when the moon is directly opposite the sun in the sky, its phase is
the last quater phase of the moon
crosses the meridian at sunrise
what conditions are necessary for a partial solar eclipse
new moon on eliptic, with us in the penumbral shadow
some type of solar eclipse will happen about
about every six months at new moon
the star WOLF 1061 has a parallax of 2.34 arcseconds, while ROSS 652 has a parallax of 1.70 arcseconds. what can you correctly conclude
WOLF 1061 is closer to earth than ROSS 652
the earth's circumference was first determined by
erastothenes with solstice shadows
which of the following describes parallax
it is inversely propoertional to the distance to the star
a star with a large parallax
is at a short distance from earth