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What are mestizos?

Mestizos are people who have mixed parents. For example, Spanish and American Indian

In what part of the world would you find mestizos?

Mexico, Central and South America, Carribean

What does EU stand for?

European Union

How has the EU contributed to trade throughout Europe?

There are fewer economic and political barriers now.

What type of government does Brazil have?


What type of government does Canada have?


What type of government does UK have?

Constitutional Monarchy

What type of government does Australia have?

Federal Parliamentary

What type of government does Mexico have?

Federal Republic

Give 5 examples of natural resources.

oil, coal, gold, silver, cotton

Great Britain once sent who to Australia?


Name 1 trade barrier in Australia.

distance from other nations makes it more expensive to trade internationally.

How did the fall of communism, people wanting freedom and inefficient command economies influence European government after WWII?

Authoritarian governments became more Democratic.

Why is Australia's economy considered a market economy?

People can start their own businesses.

What are the three major religions that are practiced in Europe?

Christianity, Islam, Judism

In which country would you find the Sierra Madre Mountains?


What is a similarity between Presidential and Parliamentary democracies?

In both, people can vote.

What is the leader called in a Presidential Democracy?


What is the leader called in a Parlimentary Democracy?

Prime Minister

Canada - Presidential Democracy or Parliamentary Democracy?

Parliamentary Democracy

UK - Presidential Democracy or Parliamentary Democracy?

Presidental Democracy

Australia - Presidential Democracy or Parliamentary Democracy?

Parliamentary Democracy

Mexico - Presidential Democracy or Parliamentary Democracy?

Presidental Democracy

Why do the economies of some Eastern European nations struggle today?

Years of communism have weakened their economies

What forms a natural boudary between France and Spain?

Pyrenees Mountains

What is one of the biggest enviornmental concerns of Brazil?

Deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest

Which is the official language of Canada, Austrailia and the UK?


Which prvince in Canada has voted on seceding to become its own country in the recent past? Why?

Quebec, French heritage

What mountain system runs through Switzerland into France?


Which European explorer navigated the St. Lawrence River?

Samuel De Champlain

What kind of economies does Canada have?


What kind of economies does Russia have?


What kind of economies does France have?


What kind of economies does Australia have?


What kind of economies does Cuba have?


What kind of economies does Germany have?


What kind of economies does UK have?


What kind of economies does Brazil have?


The Great Lakes have helped which two countries thrive economically?

US and Canada

Which nation profited greatly from the Dutch East India Company?


Factories, machines, and technology are examples of what?

Capital Resources

In which part of Canada do most Canadians live?


What type of government does Canada have?


Nations that are more economically developed tend to have higher what?

literacy rate

What is one example of the strong ties between the UK and Canada?

honor British monarch

Aboriginal religion tended to revolve around what?


Countries that invest a great deal in educating their citizens usually have a higher what?

GDP (gross domestic product)

How do the Alps and Pyrenees Mountains impact climate?

they help shield Arctic winds making southern europe warmer than northern europe

What impact did the War of 1812 have on Canada's independence?

Unity produced by the War of 1812 and opposition to immigrants from Great Britain

What body of water lies between Great Britain and Norway?

North Sea

What are some of the problems faced by the Aborigines fo Australia today?

poverty, illiteracy, disease, and crime

Give three examples of natural trade barriers.

mountains, wide oceans, rainforests

Government policies that limit trade are called what?

political barriers

A revolutionary group of people based in Mexico are the what?


Name 3 of the environmental issues of Latin America today.

deforestation, oil pollution, air pollution

What happened in Chernobyl, Ukraine back in 1986?

Thousands of people died after a nuclear reactor exploded.

Who was the leader of the Cuban Revolution?

Fidel Castro

What is a mulatto?

European and African Mixed

Which country has the largest economy in Europe?


Name the three ancient civilizations we studied from Latin America?

Mayas, Incas, Aztese

What are missionaries?

Priests and teacher who go to foreign lands to spread faith

Spain and Portugal are the two countries located on the ________ Peninsula


Why is the Mediterranean coast such a desirable place to live?

Because of teh warm climate

What are two of the benfits of the member nations of the European Union?

People can travel more freely and easier and more trades

What are two envionmental concerns of Canada?

water pollution in the great lakes

In which government system does the national government have all the power?


What independent territory in Italy is ruled by the Roman Catholic Church?

Vadican City

T or F - Australia's culture is very westernized


Which country established the first colony in Canada?


Who holds MOST of the executive power in Australia's government?

Prime Minister

Who was Prince Henry the Navigator?

Brought schools of navigation

Do most European countries have high or low literacy rates?


An economy with little government regulation and allows for private ownership of businesses is called a what?


Items taht you spend money on are called what?


John buys a new business with borrowed money. What did John use to buy the business?


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