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Goodluck Jonathan

Current President (PDP); 2009-current day
Vice President, took over the presidency in 2009 when Yar'Adua left country to receive treatment. Won 2011 election

Pre-Bendalism (Patron-Clientalism)

Oil is main government revenue; therefore less responsibility to the people; low political efficacy


Former Northern; now national political party. Been in power since since the 4th republic started in 1999.


Former President, 1999-2007; PDP


Sharia law vs national law
Rebels in the Niger Delta
Ethnic tensions

Civil Society Groups

MEND -Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta
Boko Haram- Muslim fundamentalist groups

National Assembly

= Senate & House of Reps.
Bicameral, popularly elected to 4 year terms, both houses make legislation that doesn't become law until passed in both houses and is consented by the president.


Upper house; 109 Members (37 States)
3 Senators per State ; states are divided into 3 sections with one winner from each section;

House of Reps

Lower House; 360 Members
Single Member Districts; varying number per state

Number of Republics

4 (1963-66, 79-83, 1993, 1999-current day_

Main Parties

People's Democratic Party of Nigeria (PDP) [Right Wing]
All Nigeria's Peoples Party (ANPP) [Right Wing]
Alliance for Democracy Party (AD) [Liberal]


Last President (PDP); died during presidency 2007-2010 (battling illness since 2009; unable to run country)

Three main ethnic groups


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