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Chapter 4: Communicating for Success

human relations
The ability to understand people is the key to?
clearly understand the motives and needs of others
You are in a better position to do your job professionally when you?
excellent customer service
Central to a stylist's success is?
client consultation
The single most important communication tool that should be done prior to any client service is the?
client questionnaire
a form used to record information on a new client is also known as a?
reflective listening
Listening to a client and then repeating in your own words what you think the client is telling you is known as?
repeat in measured, precise terms
To reiterate everything to a client during the consultation process means to?
speak with them directly and privately
If you experience any problems with colleagues, the best way to resolve them is to?
salon manager
The individual in the salon that has the most responsibility for how the salon is run in terms of daily maintenance, operations, and client service is the?
the art of effectively sharing information between two or more people
Communication can be defined as?
employee evaluation
An excellent time to discuss your progress with the salon owner or your employer is during an?
communicate past the client
In the event that a situation is beyond your control, the key to handling your reactions is to?
make the client happy
In handling a client who is dissatisfied with a service, the ultimate goal is to?
call to inform your client about the delays
A good customer service practice to develop if you are behind schedule is to?
participate proactively by communicating you desires and interests
To be successful, it is important for your career to?