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Chapter 21: Hair Removal

temporary and permanent
Hair removal approaches fall into two major categories, whcih are
Terms that refers to the overgrowth of the hair ont he body are hypertrichosis and
During client consulation, all clients should complete a questionaire that discloses skin disoders, allergies, and
One of the main purposes of a client consulation is to determine the persence of any
The removal of hair with electrical current that destroys the growth cells of the hair is
Intense light therapy used to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicles is
laser hair removal
A rapid method of removing hair with the uses of beams pulsed on the skin is
darker that the surrounding skin
An absoulte requirement for laser hair removal is that the hair veing removed must be
In the nape area, the most common form of hair removal is usually performed using electric
correctly shaped eyebrows
A posistive impact on the overall attractiveness of the face can be achieved with
orbital bone
The nature arch of the eyebrow follows the
superfluous hair
A term used to describe unwanted hair is
Electronice tweezers transmit radio frequency energy into the follicle area, dehydrating and eventually destroying the
a depilatory
A caustic substance used for the temporary removal of superfluous hair at the skin level is
The product composition of cold and hot wax is primarily beeswax and
bloodborne pathogens
disposable gloves should be won during a waxing service to prevent contact with possible
irritated or inflamed skin
wax should never be applied over warts, moles, abrasions, or
to prevent wax contamination, an applicator should be places in the wax
in the direction of the hair growth
In a waxing treatment, the wax should should be applied
An epilator treatment that involves using a thick-based product appropriate for sensitive skin is
in the opposite direction of hair growth
Apply pressure to move a fabric wazing strip and pull
prior to application
To prevent skin irration or burns, the temperature of wax should be tested
aloe gel
If redness or swelling occurs after waxing treatment, soothe the skin with the application of
cold wax
A wax that is thick and does not require fabric strips for removal is
A temporary hair removal method praticed in many eastern cultures is the process of