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Chapter 26: Pedicuring

aluminum salt used as a stypic (agent used to stop bleeding) in powder form or solution
base coat
colorless liquid applied to the natural nal before the application of a colored polish
booth manicure
manicure that is given in a booth and not at the manicuring table
small spoon shaped implement used for claning the debris from the nail margins
cutivcle creams
usually have a base of lanolin, pertoleum or beeswax designed to prevent or correct brittle nails and dry cuticles
cuticle nipper
small cutting tool used to nip or cut excess cuticle at the base of the nail
cuticle oil
used to soften and lubricate the cuticle around the fingernails and toenails
cuticle pusher
implement used to loosen and push back the cuticle around the fingernails or toenails; shaped to conform to the shape of the nails
cuticle remover
solution of alkali, glycerin, and water used to soften and remove dead cuticle from around the nail
diamond nail file
metal implement with diamond dust embedded in the metal, files the free edge of the toenails and in some cases thins them
dry nail polish
powder or paste used with a chamois buffer to ass shine to the nail
emery board
disposable manicuring instrument with rough cutting ridges, used for shaping the nails with the coarse side and smoothing them with the finer side
foot file or paddle
implement used to remove dry flaky skin and smooth calluses on the foot
formaldehyde hardeners
nail hardeners that utilize keratin fibers to streghten the nail and contain no more than 5 percent formaldehyde
french manicure
manicure in which the free edge of the nail is polished, tipped, or sclupted in an opaque colo while the nail plate is is polished or left a more translucent color
hand creams
creams made up of emollients and humectants, recommended for dry, chapped or irritated skin
hand lotions
similar in composition to hand creams but with a thinner consistency due to higher oil content
hot oil manicure
manicure in which heat oil, cream or lotion is applied to the cuticles to soften them before pushing them back
liquid nail polish or lacquer
thick liquid used to color or gloss the nail
the artful treatment and care of the hands and nails
nail bleach
product used to remove stains and whiten the nails
nail brush
used to clean under and around the nails with warm water and soap
nail buffer
made of leather or chamois used with polishing powder or paste to polish the nails to a high luster
nail clippers
implement used to shorten nails
nail conditioner
product containing moisturizing ingredients to combat nail dryness and brittleness
nail dryer
solution that protects the nail polish aganist stickness and dulling
nail file
metal instrument with a specially prepared surface used to file and shape the nails
nail hardened
product designed to prevent nails from splitting or peeling
nail rasp
tool that cuts or files in only one direction; used to smooth off the edges of the nail in the nail groove and reduce tje possibility of the nail cutting into the skin
nylon fiber hardeners
are a combination of clear polish and nylon fibers applied first vertically then horizontally on the nail plate
orangewood stick
made from wood of the orange tree used to loosen the cuticle around the base of the nail or to clean under the free edge
the care of the feet and toenails
polish remover
organic solvent used to dissolve and remove nail polish
polish thinner
product used to thin out nail polish when it has thickened; contains acetone or some other solvent
protein hardeners
nail hardeners that are a combination of clear polish and a protein such as collagen
term describing a square nail with the ends rounded or taken off
agent used to stop bleeding
top coat
colorless nail enamel applied over polish prevent chipping and impart a high gloss
implement used to lift small bits of cuticle from the nail