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All words from chapter 13. To make learning 3rd principle part, separate flashcards for the perfect will also be included.

sum, esse, eram, fuī

I am

supero, superare, superāvī

I overcome

discēdō, discēdere, discessī

I go away, depart

legō, legere, lēgī

I read

crēdō, crēdere, crēdidī + dat

I believe, trust

prōmittō, prōmittere, prōmīsī

I promise

efficiō, efficere, effēcī

I carry out, effect

hōra, ae (f)

hour (f)

pecūnia, ae (f)

money (f)

dīvitiae, ārum (f plural)

riches (f)

candidātus, ī (m)

candidate (m)

numerus, ī (m)

number (m)

ōrātiō, ōrātiōnis (f)

speech (f)

ōrātiōnem habēre

to make a speech

vulnus, vulneris (n)

wound (n)


next, then

enim (second in clause)

for (second)

igitur (second in clause)

and so, therefore (second)

tamen (second in clause)

however, but (second)

candidus, a, um


optimus, a, um


pessimus, a, um


vērus, a, um


vēra dīcere

to speak the truth

gravis, grave

heavy, serious

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