LCMS-Examination ?'s (Lutheran)


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Which book is the source of ALL Christian doctrine?
The Bible
What is a "doctrine?"
A teaching
What are the Six Chief Parts of the Lutheran Catechism?
10 Commandments,
Apostle's Creed
Lord's Prayer
Sacrament of Holy Baptism
Office of the Keys and Confession?
Sacrament of the Altar
What is the main purpose of the Bible?
To make us wise unto salvation II Timothy 3:15;
How many books are in the Bible?
66--39 OT; 27 NT
Who wrote the Old Testament?
Moses & the prophets
Who wrote the New Testament?
The Evangelists and the Apostles
In what language is the O. T. primarily written?
Hebrew (and Aramaic)
In what language is the N.T. written?
How much of the Bible is inspired by God?
All Scripture is inspired by God. 2 Timothy 3:16
Are there any mistakes in the Bible?
No, it is inerrant (no errors)
What are the two chief doctrinal divisions of the Bible?
Law and Gospel
What does the Law show us?
Shows us our Sins & Need for a Savior
What is the Gospel? .
The GOOD NEWS that Jesus died for our sins
What does the Gospel show us?
It Shows us our Savior
Which Bible verse is known as the "Gospel in a Nut shell?"
John 3:16
What are the 3 uses of the Law?
Curb, Mirror, and Guide
What is the penalty of sin?
Death (Romans 6:23)
Where in the Bible are the 10 Commandments found?
Exodus 20 & Deuteronomy 5
What is a creed?
Statement of belief
What are the 3 universal creeds?
Apostles, Nicene, Athanasian
How are the Nicene and Apostles' Creeds divided? 3 parts:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Who is the first article about?
God the Father Almighty
What are the 3 primary duties of God the Father?
Creator, Protector, Provider
What are some of God's qualities?
Eternal, unchangeable, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, Holy, just, faithful, kind...
Who is the second article about?
By whom Jesus conceived?
Holy Spirit
Was Mary really a virgin?
What are Jesus' two natures?
Divine and Human
Why did Jesus die?
For the sins of all mankind.
What does Christ mean?
Anointed One
Why was it necessary for our Savior to be true God?
So He might overcome sin, death, and the devil.
Why was it necessary for Him to be true man?
That He might be under the law, and suffer in my stead.
What are the three offices of Christ?
Prophet, Priest, & King
What has Christ done for you that you trust in Him?
Died and rose
How did Jesus prove to be the Son of God?
By His death and resurrection.
What does "redeem" mean?
To buy back
What did Jesus redeem you from?
Sin, death, and the power of the devil
What was Jesus' reason for descending into hell?
Proclaim victory
Will we ever see Jesus?
If so, when? Yes, when He returns, but we don't know when
Who is the third article about?
The Holy Spirit
Can anyone call Jesus "Lord?"
Not on their own.
How can we call Jesus Lord?
Only by the Holy Spirit (I Cor 12:3)
What are the jobs attributed to the Holy Spirit?
Calls, gathers, enlightens, sanctifies, keeps us in the true faith - Gives and sustains our faith.
Can a baby believe Jesus is their Lord? If so, how?
Yes, by the Holy Spirit.
Is the Holy Spirit willing to work in everyone?
Why, then, is anyone lost to Satan and hell?
They resist the Holy Spirit (Mk 3:29)
How can a person receive the Holy Spirit?
Through the Means of Grace
What are the Means of Grace?
The Gospel in Word and Sacrament
What are the Lutheran Sacraments?
Baptism and the Lord's Supper
What is the Word?
The Gospel
What does "catholic" mean?
Where are the Means of Grace found?
In the Christian Church
What is the central theme of the Bible?
Justification by faith alone
To be made right before God by grace, through faith in Jesus ONLY as our Lord and Savior.
Why does God forgive us our sins?
Because of Jesus' death and resurrection
Is there anything about you or in you so you deserve forgiveness?
Absolutely not
For whom did Jesus win forgiveness?
All mankind (John 3:16)
Where does God tell us that He has forgiven us?
The Gospel
Who receives the forgiveness, which Jesus won?
All who believe in Jesus.
Will we ever be joined with our body again?
Yes, but a glorified one.
What is a glorified body?
One like Christ's
Whose credit is it when we are justified?
God's (Ephesians 2:8-9)
Name the Lutheran sacraments.
Baptism and the Lord's Supper
What is a Lutheran sacrament?
Something instituted by Christ, with earthly elements, connected by the Word of God, and provides the forgiveness of sins.
127. How may water be applied in Baptism?
By washing, sprinkling, or immersing
Who is to be baptized?
All nations-all people
Who is meant by "All Nations?"
(Give a Bible Reference) Acts 2:39 All adults and children
How can children actually believe?
By the Holy Spirit
How can water do such great things as cleanse us from all sins?
How can water do such great things as cleanse us from all sins? It is not the water that does such things but the word connected with the water.
Who receives the blessings of Baptism?
All who believe
What do you become through Baptism?
God's child.
How often should you be Baptized?
How do you renew it daily?
By repenting of our sins and trusting in Christ for forgiveness.
What are the earthly elements of the Lord's Supper?
Bread & Wine
What are the invisible/heavenly elements?
Body and Blood of Christ
What is this union of bread with the body, of the wine with the blood called?
Real Presence
139. How can the bread and wine give life, forgiveness of sins, and salvation?
It is the Word which gives it such power. "Given and shed for you for remission of sins" (Matthew 26:26-28)
Who is a worthy communicant?
He who has faith in Christ and His words, "Given and shed for you for the forgiveness of your sins."
May he who is weak in faith go to the Lord's Table?
By all means
What questions should a communicant ask himself before receiving the Lord's Supper?
a. Am I a sinner?
b. Am I sorry for my sins?
c. Do I believe Jesus died to forgive my sins?
d. Am I resolved, by the power of the Holy Spirit to amend my sinful life?
e. Do I believe in the real presence?
Why is it important to believe what is received with the bread and wine?
Because the apostle Paul said, "If you do not discern the bread and wine you will be guilty of His body and blood." (I Cor 11:29)
What is the teaching of the Reformed (Presbyterian & Baptist) & Methodist churches -- about the Lord's Supper?
You receive only bread and wine, which merely represent Jesus' body and blood
What is the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church about the Lord's Supper?
You receive only the Body and Blood (Transubstantiation)
What do Lutherans believe?
You receive all four: Bread and Body, Wine and Blood
What is "close(d) communion?"
Not communing those who do not believe the true meaning of the Lord's Supper. This is done out of love so they are not "harmed." "If you do not discern the bread and wine you will be guilty of His body and blood." (I Cor 11:29)
Why does the Lutheran Church practice "close(d) communion?"
So that no one will receive the Sacrament to their harm. "If you do not discern the bread and wine you will be guilty of His body and blood." (I Cor 11:29)
Who is the "Father" of the Reformation?
Martin Luther
When did Martin Luther post the 95 Theses and begin the Reformation?
October 31, 1517
Did Martin Luther want to start a new church?
What did Martin Luther want to do to the Roman Catholic Church?
Reform its teachings on works righteousness and faith from a person having to earn salvation to receiving it through faith alone.
153. What was the main issue that sparked the Reformation?
Works Righteousness vs. justification by faith alone
154. What is the purpose of Christian worship?"
To receive God's gifts through Word & Sacrament, and to return thanks and praise for those gifts.