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Miles Davis Quintet after Adderley left

Wynton Kelly-Piano
Paul Chamber-Bass
Jimmy Cobb-Drums
John Coltrane-tenor sax
Miles Davis-Trumpet

Davis thoughts on Coltrane

"Coltrane best since Parker"
Coltrane wanted him to leave but Davis got him to stay and go to Europe with him

Coltrane Characteristics

played long solos
began playing multiphonics (2 notes at the same time)

What other saxophonists did Davis try, but dislike?

Jimmy Heath
Sonny Stitt
Hank Mobley--->ended up with 3 albums with him

What famous song did Davis do w/ Mobley?

Someday my Prince will come-->from Snow White
Davis' wife was on the cover of this album
Featured Harmon Mute

Who did and what is a pedal point?

repeating bass note by Paul Chambers

What pianist did Davis form with in '62-63?

Pianist Victor Feldman
Song "I fall in love too easy"
Feldman played this in a Ahmad Jamal and Bill Evans like style
Featured Harmon Mute

Style of Ornette Coleman?

Coleman was much edgier

Miles Davis group after he got out of the doldrums

Ron Carter-bass
George Coleman-tenor sax
Herbie Hancock-piano (age 23)
Tony Williams-drums (age 17)

Miles Davis album with young group

Seven Steps to Heaven--->formerly by Victor Feldman
featured breaks

Davis still played some of his old songs?


Who did Davis hire in '64?

Wayne Shorter-sax
song "Footprints" was in the 12 measure blues form

Herbie Hancock quote about Wayne Shorter

"Controlled Freedom"

Two albums Davis did with Shorter

E.S.P and Miles Smiles

What unusual album did Davis do with Shorter?

Horns didn't solo and accompanied the rhythm section

Who produced Nefertiti?

Teo Macero

Where did Davis play in Portland?

Oriental theatre

Who nudged Davis into a more popular music?

Clive Davis from Columbia

What did Critic Leonard Feather say

He found Davis listening to pop music

Herbie Hancock quote

"Little box brought in by Miles, new electric keyboard"

Who was Davis' first electric guitarist?

George Benson

After latest quintet left, who did he hire?

Dave Holland-Bass
Chick Corea-keyboardist
Jack Dejohnette-drummer

What was the first album to use all electric instruments?

In a Silent Way w/ Joe Zawinul

What did Miles put on all of his covers so people would know he just wasn't doing Jazz?

"Directions in Music by Miles Davis"

Who were the 3 electric pianist on the album In A Silent Way?

Herbie Hancock
Joe Zawinul
Chick Corea

What was a "soul song" Miles did?

"It's about that time"

Who did Davis hire as an electric guitarist with Joe Zawinul?

John McLaughlin
Also name of a song

What did producer Teo Macero do to the John McLaughlin Piece?

He took pieces of In A Silent Way and put it at the beginning and the end of the song John McLaughlin
Critic Martin Williams didn't like this and thought it was an accident

What instruments did Wayne Shorter play?

Tenor and Soprano Sax

What was Miles Davis' most famous jazz-rock-fushion album?

Bitches Brew

What song was in Da Da's and Do-it's?

Bitches Brew-->expanded on the editing

What famous rock guitarist was Davis going to play with?

Jimmy Hendrix but he died before he got the chance

What group did Shorter and Joe Zawinul make when the left Miles Davis?

Weather Report

Who did Davis replace Shorter with?

Steve Grossman

What young bassist did Davis ask to join that was British?

Dave Holland

Who did Davis work with on the Album Filles De Kilimanjaro?

Gil Evans helped compose
Ron carter
Herbie Hancock

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