Chapter 17 : Chinese Discoveries and Inventions


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What technology helped Chinese navigate at sea?
The magnetic compass and superior boat construction
Did China or Europe create more advances during the 10-13th centuries?
China had more advances.
How did gunpowder change Europe?
It changed how wars were fought.
How did movable type change China?
It made written materials more available, and this helped spread learning.
How did the compass help the Chinese?
It let them travel at sea even when the stars and the sun were not visible, and when they could not see any landmarks to guide them.
How did the invention of steel help China?
Steel is less brittle than iron and is easier to bend into different shapes; this made it easier to mass produce.
How was a segmental arch different from a Roman arch?
This made the bridges broader and flatter than semicircular arches could. Called a segmental arch bridge, the new type of bridge took less material to build and was stronger
How was paper made?
From the bark of the mulberry tree
How was paper money printed?
Woodblock printing.
How were playing cards printed?
They used woodblock printing.
What advance did the Chinese make in the area of printing?
They invented movable type, where individual characters could be rearranged over and over again.
What advances in industry were made by the Chinese?
Paper, printing, porcelain, and steel
What device inspired the first mechanical clock?
The paddlewheel, which was moved by dripping water, just like the first mechanical clocks.
What does inoculate mean?
A way of stimulating a person's immune system to fight a disease.
What does mass-produce mean?
To make a lot of similiar items by using standardized designs and dividing the work among workers
What is a canal lock?
A gated chamber that was used to raise or lower the water level in a canal.
What is a disinfectant?
A substance that kills germs.
What is a vaccine?
A substance used to immunize people against a disease.
What is alchemy?
A combination of science, magic and philosophy. Many alchemists were trying to find a way to live forever.
What is an immune system?
The body's natural defense against disease.
What is gunpowder?
An explosive powder made from saltpeter and other materials.
What is porcelain?
a hard white pottery, also called china
What other technology using gunpowder did the Chinese event?
Rockets, which were first used for fireworks and later used for space exploration.
What property made the compass work?
The magnetic lodestone is influenced by the pulls of the Earth's magnetic poles.
What technology helped Chinese travel on rivers, lakes, and canals?
The paddlewheel boat, canal locks, and improved bridges
What type of bridge did the Chinese invent?
Segmental arch bridge, which made bridges stronger with less material.
What type of printing was used before movable type?
Woodblock printing, where ink was put on a carved stamp and pressed on to the paper.
What types of everyday objects were invented in China?
Playing cards, paper money, and mechanical clocks.
What was the first weapon that used gunpowder?
The flamethrower.
Why did the Chinese burn chemicals to fight disease?
The smoke was a type of disinfectant that would kill germs.
Why were Chinese ships better than those from Europe?
They had separate watertight compartments to help prevent the ship from sinking.
moveable type
individual characters made of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a printing job and then be used over again
to make quantities of an item by using standardized designs and dividing steps of production among the workers
an explosive powder made of saltpeter and other material's
to protect against disease by transmitting a disease causing agent to a person, stimulating the body's defensive reactions
a central or primary rule or principal on which something is based
a navigational device that always points north, kept sailors from getting lost at sea
leaves in boiling water, most likely green tea, teahouses became a popular meeting place
paper money
money in paper form was cheap, but didn't have much value
powered weapons made with black powder made of saltpeter, charcoal, and sulfur
smallpox inoculation
injecting a bit of a virus to prepare or stimulate your immune system
mechanical clock
an more accurate keeper of time than the chinese had before
movable typer
individual characters made of wood for printing, people could write things like newspaper, books, and flyers with this
a powder that has a explosive reaction, many advanced tools were made with this
a type of fine pottery, many mass produced this product and it spread around the world
canal lock
this improved transportation BYEEE being able to go up to a higher level canal
what improved boat construction?
watertight sections
what made bridges flatter and stronger?
segmental arch
what was made from bark, and became very important in the industry
led to the printing of modern style books
stronger and lighter than iron
made from gunpowder mixed with oil
caused a loud sound when exploded
artillery shells
a slingshot like war machine to shoot arrows
small bomb thrown BYEEE hand
made from woodblock printing on thick paper
poisonous smoke used to kill germs