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classes, interfaces, enumerations, annotation types

types refers to c____, i______, e_______, and a______ t___


The types that are part of the Java platform are members of various packages that bundle classes by _____


Suppose you write a group of classes that represent graphic objects, such as circles, rectangles, lines, and points. You also write an interface, _____, that classes implement if they can be dragged with the mouse.


You should bundle these classes and the interface in a package for several reasons, including the following:

1. You and other programmers can easily determine that these types are related.
2. You and other programmers know where to find ____ that can provide graphics-related functions.
3. The names of your types won't conflict with the type names in other packages because the package creates a new namespace.
4. You can allow types within the package to have unrestricted access to one another yet still restrict access for types outside the package.


classes, interfaces, enumerations and annotation types are called.

Enumerations, annotation,

__________ and _____ types are special kinds of classes and interfaces

classes, interfaces

Enumerations and annotation types are special kinds of _____ and ______

The main method must appear within a class, but it can be any class. So here is the above main method enclosed in a class called Temporary. This would normally be in a file named _____


In Java, main is a _____ method.

object1 var1;

Declare a variable called var1 refers to an Object called object1;

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