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Helpful Word Features

A feature in Word that fixes errors as you type.
A feature in Word that guesses names of calendar events such as today's date as you type.
An optional predefined set of colors, fonts, and design elements that you can apply to a document; also referred to as the "default" setting.
spell check
An automatic feature that checks for errors when you type a word.
building block
Document parts that you can store in Word and reuse.
To change the appearance or look of text.
quick style
A predefined format that you can apply by choosing from a list of formats; also referred to as "Live Preview".
A text format where text is raised and smaller that the surronding text.
A built-in reference for finding synonyms for words in a document.
An icon you click to choose a command, which gives the program instructions about what you want to do.
A temporary storage place in the computer's memory which can hold only one selection at a time waiting to be added into a document.
dialog box
An interactive message window that appears when more information is required before the command can be performed.
The first page that opens when you start your browser.
A list of related commands.
To reverse an action that you undid.
An area at the top of an Office program that contains commands for working with the open file.
To choose a section of text.
A command that allows you to see hidden formatting marks in a document.
status bar
A bar at the bottom of the program window that provides information about the current file and process.
word wrap
A feature in Word that automatically moves the word around to the next line when you are typing text.