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  1. lagoons
  2. typhoons
  3. boomerang
  4. wattle
  5. Strine
  1. a woven framework made from acacia saplings by early Australian settlers to build homes
  2. b Australian-English language.
    significant: created by modern Austrailians
  3. c shallow pool of water at the center of an atoll
  4. d a flat, curved piece of wood;
    it is shaped in such a way that it returns to the thrower after it is flung
  5. e a violent tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean, usually in late summer

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  1. giant ranches
  2. Or wells from which pressurized water flows to the surface, is to salty for humans or crops, ranchers use it for livestock
  3. dried coconut meat
  4. a group of families who trace their roots to the same ancestor
  5. a seasonal weather event that can cause droughts in Australia and powerful cyclones in the South Pacific

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  1. doldrumsa narrow band near the Equator where opposing ocean currents meet


  2. graziergiant ranches


  3. Ozone layeratmospheric layer in which ozone gas is relatively concentrated; protects life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight


  4. horticultureAustralian-English language.
    significant: created by modern Austrailians


  5. Corallimestone deposits formed from the skeletons of tiny sea creatures