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  1. typhoons
  2. Ozone layer
  3. Diatoms
  4. wattle
  5. copra
  1. a atmospheric layer in which ozone gas is relatively concentrated; protects life on Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight
  2. b woven framework made from acacia saplings by early Australian settlers to build homes
  3. c single-celled organisms. found in salt and fresh water. producers. make up a large percent of phytoplankton. cell walls contain cellulose and silica (frigid and glasslike). used in silver polish, toothpaste, filter and insulation
  4. d dried coconut meat
  5. e a violent tropical storm that forms in the Pacific Ocean, usually in late summer

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  1. a combination of English and another language. African Americans developed a pidgin English, compounded of English, and their native African tongues (p.69)
  2. shallow pool of water at the center of an atoll
  3. were dependent areas that the UN placed under the temporary control of a foreign country
  4. include the hunting dogs called dingoes brought from ASIA BY migrating ABORIGreNS
  5. growing only enough for their own needs and a strong relationship to the land

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  1. manukaformed by the buildup of coral reefs on the rim of submerged volcanoes


  2. graziergiant ranches


  3. marsupialsDefinition:a small shrub
    Significance: covers areas where prehistoric volcanic eruptions destroyed ancient forests


  4. atollformed by the buildup of coral reefs on the rim of submerged volcanoes


  5. food weba narrow band near the Equator where opposing ocean currents meet


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