9 terms

Week Four

An eclectic bunch of words from last week's lesson
To recall
to ask for sth to be returned, often because there is sth wrong with it:
Rolling pin
a wooden or glass kitchen utensil (= a tool) in the shape of a tube, used for making pastry flat
To munch
to eat sth steadily and often noisily, especially sth crisp
To cease
to stop happening or existing; to stop sth from happening or existing
To seize
to take sb/sth in your hand suddenly and using force or o take control of a place or situation, often suddenly and violently
A Creche
a place where babies and small children are taken care of while their parents are working, studying, shopping, etc
Get fired
to force sb to leave their job
Made redundant
of a person) without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company
A churn
1 a machine in which milk or cream is shaken to make butter 2 (BrE) a large metal container in which milk was carried from a farm in the past