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Bertha is rubbing her belly and patting her head at the same time.

An event that decreases the likelihood that a response will be repeated is called ___.


The ___ content of a dream contains the surface symbols that disguise the underlying meaning of the dream.


Your dog is begging for food while you eat dinner. Your mother gives him a morsel from her plate and he stops barking. In this situatin, your dog has been ___, and your mother has been ___.

positively reinforced; negatively reinforced

These are examples of abstract concept.

honesty, intelligence, love

The tree steps in memory processing are ___.

encoding, storage, retrieval

Based on observational learning research, which of the following is TRUE?

Children will imitate an aggressive model who appears to receive a reinforcer as a result of the behavior.

Varian is finding it hard to learn Greek in his first year of college because he took Latin his last two years of high school. This is an example of ___.

proactive interference

Irving's doctor prescribed Valium to hel him cope with job-related anierty. He found a less stressful job, and is anxiety-free. However, Irving still craves Valium and keeps taking it, because he likes its effects. He hasn't had to increase the dosaage an dhe did not have withdrawal symptoms when he forgot to take his pills. It is MOST likely that Irving is ___.

psychologically dependent on Valium

This is NOT a parasomnia.

sleep apnea

To the delight of her parents, Mosee has just begun to produce vowel sounds known as ___, while Farina is delighting er parents by emitting all the sounds of human speech, which is called ___.

cooing; babbling

The sound for /ng/ is called ___; whereas the sufix ing is called ___.

a phoneme; a morpheme

This is the knowledge and skills gained through experience and education that increase over a lifetime.

crystallized intelligence

Psychoactive drugs ___.

change conscious experience, mood, or perceptions

Leilani finds that she perspires, breathes rapidly, and has muscle twitches and tremors when she tries to quit using illiegal opiates. This suggest that she has developed ___.

withdrawal symptoms

The memory subsystem that stores unconscious procedural skils, simple classically conditioned responses, and priming is called ___ memory.

implicit/ nondeclarative

The evlutionary/ circadian theory of sleep says that sleep ___.

conserves energy and protects us from predators

Kelsey suffers from ___ amnesia because he cannot remeber the events that led up to the motorcycle accident that injured his brain.


Drug-taking that causes emotional or physical harm to the drug user or others is known as ___.

drug abuse

Based on most people's prototype for fruit, which of the following would take longer to classify?

an avocado

Misjuding your risk of dying in an airplane crash because you just watched 24-hour coverage of one is MOST related to the ___ heuristic.


If a test is valid, then its scores will be useful in ___.

predicting the test-taker's behavior in a similar situation

Nada believes that the drug she just took will make her more lively and outgoing at the aprty she is attending, but it is acutally slowing her system down, and may impair her thinking and her behavior. Which of the following drugs has Nada ingested?


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