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This set includes a variety of 25 language arts involved questions spread around our entire 2011-2012 L.A. education in middle school. It involves as much as clauses to adverbs and adjectives. Enjoy!

What are the adjectives in the following sentence?

"They found blue and green wallpaper at Home Depot."

A) They, and
B) Home Depot, found
C) blue, green
D) wallpapers, at


Which group of words can each fit in the blank correctly?

"Riley and Conner saw an animal with long, sharp ___________ at the zoo."

A) skeletons, bones, skin
B) claws, teeth, nails
C) hair, tail, legs
D) tongue, eyes, nose.


What is an example of a literary device?

A) simile
B) setting
C) pronoun
D) plot


What literary device is is this sentence an example of?

"The burning wood hissed and cried."

A) alliteration
B) oxymoron
C) climax
D) onomatopoeia


Fill in the blank:

"Jane and Sall went to _______ houses"

A) They're
B) Their
C) There
D) They are


What type of clause is this?
The people who came to the party had a good time.
A) Adverb Clause
B) Adjective Clause


What type of clause is this?
"You clean your room while I clean the car."
A) Adjective Clause B) Adverb Clause


What does an Adjective Clause do?
A) Answers where, when, why, how
B) Answers who or which one


What does an Adverb Clause do?
A) Answers where, when, why, how
B) Answers who or which one


Which is a Dependent Clause?
A) I will pay you five dollars if you give the dog a bath.


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