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What is another name for a narrow strip of land that lies between Mexico and South America?


What is a plain called in Argentina?


What are the hundreds of rivers that flow into a larger river called?


What lies down the center of Mexico.. a mostly flat, highland area?


What is the height of land above sea level called?


What is a narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two larger bodies of land called?


What is a region of plains in Argentina and Uruguay...used for grazing cattle called?


A large, mostly flat highland area???


A river or stream that flows into a main river???


The height of land above sea level??


What hemisphere is Latin America located?

Western Hemisphere

Why is Mexico's Central Plateau an important region?

It contains most of the country's important cities and best farmland.

How is the soil in the farmland in Mexico and Central America made?

Volcanic Ash

How are Caribbean islands formed?

Skeletons of tiny sea animals.

What happens to an economy if the price of copper goes down?

The economy suffers

The type of crops is affected by what ?


Subtropical climates grow what kinds of foods?(Uruguay, Paraguay)

wheat and apples

What can rivers be used for in Central America?


Venezuela had to ___________ their economy when the oil prices drop in the 1980's.


What makes up Latin America?

Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America

What is the long mountain range running down the west side of South America called?


Coral islands are formed by what?

skeletons of tiny sea animals

What is located in the Amazon River basin?

tropical rain forest

True or False: The climate of Lain America varies from place to place


What factors affect the climate?

elevation, the equator and wind patterns

What two countries produce coffee as a key crop?

Brazil and Colombia

What has affected trade and travel in South America?

high mts. and rain forests.

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