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authoritarian parenting style

a parenting style where parents are highly demanding and controlling, with little or no affection


a person that provides care for and meets the needs of someone else


union of an ovum (egg) and sperm, resulting in the beginning of a pregnancy

cooperative play

activity in which children actually play with one another

democratic parenting style

the leader shares, is people-oriented and is open minded (parents share in decision making and listen to children's opinion)


to go through a natural process of growth


training that corrects, molds, and perfects ones actions

emotional development

a development process that refers to the ability to experience, express, and control emotins


the act or function of providing leadership and direction on how to make wise decisions


learning that occurs by watching and copying the actions of others

intellectual development

a developmental process that refers to the growth of the brain and the use of mental skills


anything necessary to sustain life

parallel play

activity in which children play side by side without interacting


the process of caring for children and helping them grow

permissive parenting style

a parenting style that allows freedom, lax parenting that doesn't set limits or enforce rules consistently

physical development

a developmental process that refers to the physical growth of a person's body; this growth affects height, weight, and internal body systems


from conception to birth


an obligation or duty for which a person is held accountable


the ability to direct your own behavior in a responsible way


the period of great growth and change between childhood and adulthood

moral development

development process that refers to the ability to know right from wrong; the process of acquiring the standards of behavior considered acceptable by society

social development

developmental process that refers to the way people relate to others around them

solitary play

type of play in which babies tend to play alone and ignore other children laying nearby

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