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Rules for Combining Vowels Medical Terminology

1st basic rule for combining vowel
when u join R 2 R or R 2 S keep the vowel if the S or R begins w/consonant
2nd basic rule of combining vowels
do not use combining vowel if the suffix begins with a another vowel
3rd basic rule of combining vowels
if the R ends in a vowel & the S begins w/same vowel drop the CV & the last vowel of R
4th basic rule of combining vowels
Most often, insert CV btwn 2 roots even whn the 2nd root begins with vowel
5th basic rule of combining vowels
Occassionally, when a P ends with a vowel & R begins with vowel, Drop the V on the prefix
Combining Vowel
the vowel that joins together a Root 2 Suffix or Roots 2 Suffix
How to Define a medical term
by first defining the suffix, then the root and
used to further modify the roots or roots
the word ending that modifies and give essential meaning to the root