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Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Ch. 16 - Ch. 20; practice and prepare for the literature test.

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astute pg 132
Showing keen judgment, shrewd or crafty
plaintive pg 135
Expressive of suffering or woe
strode pg 138
walked with long steps
consternation pg 135
Sudden confusion, amazement, frustration, or fear
skeptical pg 151
having doubt
portal pg 153
door or entrance
discontent pg 144
Dissatisfied or unhappy
DIS-> Not
Content-> Happy
DIScontent-> Not happy
cursory pg 147
Hasty and rapid, not looking into close details; running about; not stationary
confer pg 152
to consult; to compare views
a series of acts done in the same way every time
an unreal or misleading appearance;
something many people believe that is false, an erroneous mental representation
yielded in surrender; abide, agree, obey
Group A was the most fortunate group because.....
they were given injections to make them smarter.
What was Dr. Schultz's mistake in dealing with the rats' reading ability?
He was afraid to test the rats to see how much they had learned.
The maze was a device to.....
test the intelligence and memory of the rats.
On the night before their planned escape, Jenner was worried that....
they wouldn't be able to fit in with rats in the outside world.
Exploring the air ducts at night was difficult because.....
it was completely dark.
When the rats escped their cages at night, they needed to find....
the main air shaft of the air-conditioning unit.
If Justin had been caught escaping, he felt that the scientists wouldn't hurt him because....
the rats were too valuable to them.
While the rats in the NIMH laboratory, most of them in the Control group C...
grew old and died.
When Dr. Schultz finished his experiment, he was planning to....
publish a paper in a scientific journal.