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  1. He killed her son
  2. gatekeeper
  3. Big Flood
  4. The Monk
  5. fabliau
  1. a Why does Grendel's mother want to fight Beowulf
  2. b Why did the John the carpenter get in the bath tub?
  3. c Who does Beowulf meet at the gate of Hereot?
  4. d Who loves to hunt?
  5. e a parody of Courtley Love, the characters are ordinary people, theres repeated motifs and stock characters.

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  1. Who is the son of the Knight?
  2. A boasting match, "showing off"
  3. Who is the highest ranking character?
  4. Who boils chicken with marrow bone?
  5. Who does Beowulf fight last?

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  1. the doctorWho uses astrology to cure people?


  2. He tells the good and the bad talesWho is dedicated to his job and wears multi-colored clothing?


  3. kenningWho dies in the Knight's Tale?


  4. cuckoldWho dies in the Knight's Tale?


  5. The FranklinWho does Beowulf fight last?


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