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Which Way Is North? State Highway Map-Road Scholar

How are distances computed in general?
Map Bar Scale
What is the primary method of computing distances along state highways?
Distances between junctures and towns (black numbers)
What is the primary method of computing distances along U.S. Highways
Red Pointers
What is the primary method of computing distances along Interstate Highways
Subtract Exit numbers
A Map that appears in the corner of a larger map and shows an enhanced view of part of an area covered by the larger map
Map Insert
Where in general are State Capitals located
Center of state
If multiple route markers appear on the same road symbol, what does this indicate?
Several highways sharing the same roadway
In what 2 ways are roads classified on a highway map?
By designation or by capacity
What types of features or info can city maps show that state maps can't?
Major roads, freeway interchange, points of interest, landmarks, bridges, airport runways, parks, golf courses, colleges/ universities
What is a city containing a county government called?
County seat
What is a city containing a state government called?
State capital
Do 2- digit even- numbered interstate highways run east-west or north-south?
east- west
Do 2-digit odd- numbered interstate highways run east- west or north-south?
Three digit numbered interstates with an even first digit generally divert traffic around major cities. What are these called?
Beltway, bypass, outer belt, circumferential highway
Interstate and federal highways going around a densely populated small town occasionally have business loops associated with them. What are business loops?
To provide access to the main/ central/ core business district of a town that would normally be bypassed by road.
A road map is an example of a planimetric map. What is that?
Contains no elevation data.