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  1. Dependent Variable
  2. Solvent
  3. Yucca Mountain
  4. Effect of radiation and sickness
  5. ethical concerns
  1. a • One of the ethical issues was altering their lives to create a bomb that would kill so many people. They were never able to tell anyone anything and all they were doing to creating a top bomb to destroy so many people. Another is they were always exposed to radioactivity which even killed some people at times.
  2. b a site in Nevada designed for the permanent storage of nuclear waste, although none had yet been stored there as of 2002
  3. c A liquid that dissolves some kind of solid
  4. d • You can develop cancer -can also have mental health problems-can have grief and anxiety about experiencing a radiation attack, mourning loved ones who haven't survived, dealing with potential fatal illness, and worrying about risk of cancer
  5. e the outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable-> resultant of the independent variable

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  1. a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance
  2. instructions you use to complete an experiment
  3. some nuclei are more stable than others. Those that are unstable break apart in nuclear reactions,
  4. a town in Northern Ukraine: where a nuclear -plant accident occurred in 1986
  5. The process of salt and water from an acid and a base

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  1. Salttype of wetland; Covered by water year round; Trees :Bald cypress, water tupelo often draped in Spanish moss. Animals: Crawfish, choupique, herons, ibises, egrets)


  2. Radioactive decaythe release of Radiation


  3. How to protect LA wetlandsRecycle, don't litter, control chemical use, etc


  4. Cypress in swampsWhen salt gets in the swamps from salt intrusion it can cause the trees and other animals in the swamps to die because of the levels of salinity in the swamps


  5. Mixturea substance made by mixing other substances together; the process of mixing or being mixed


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