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  1. Penetration of radioactive particles
  2. What is the importance of estuaries to water fowl and shellfish
  3. Symbol
  4. Salt water intrusion
  5. Dependent Variable
  1. a kills the plants and many of the animals living there. When the plants die, their roots break up and no longer hold the land together. The land erodes away as it is washed by runoff and waves.
  2. b the outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable-> resultant of the independent variable
  3. c Abbreviation for an element; if t is two letters, the first letter is capitalized and second is not
  4. d the penetrating powers of different rays
  5. e Some organisms need varying salinities at different times in their life cycles

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  1. An electron in the outermost shell of an atom
  2. avoiding the causation of harm; the harm should not be disproportionate to the benefit of the treatment
  3. Land areas that tend to be wet or are regularly flooded for at least part of the
  4. 2 compounds react to form 2 different compounds• describe and give examples of the types of mixtures
    - consists of two or more pure substances
  5. An electrically charged atom that ha gained or lost one or more electrons

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  1. Nutriathe moral principle determining just conduct


  2. emulsionssplitting a nucleus into 2 smaller ones- a lot of energy is released


  3. Atomic number# of electrons gained (-) or lost (+) in bonding


  4. NeutralizationThe process of salt and water from an acid and a base


  5. Radioactivitythe release of Radiation