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  1. Barrier Island
  2. Single replacement
  3. Colloid
  4. What is the importance of marsh plant roots
  5. Dependent Variable
  1. a a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance
  2. b The roots keep the soil stable. When they are destroyed, the plant dies and the soil erodes away more easily.
  3. c Narrow Island along a coastline, Protect inland areas from storm damage, Provide nesting and resting for migratory birds
  4. d a compound reacts with an element to form a new
  5. e the outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable-> resultant of the independent variable

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  1. the penetrating powers of different rays
  2. coastal regions where salt water mixes with fresh water from rivers, rainfall, and runoff; includes intermediate, brackish and salt marshes, Some organisms need varying salinities at different times in their life cycles
  3. # of protons in the nucleus of each atom; defies the element; no two number are the same (20)
  4. kills the plants and many of the animals living there. When the plants die, their roots break up and no longer hold the land together. The land erodes away as it is washed by runoff and waves.
  5. 2 compounds react to form 2 different compounds• describe and give examples of the types of mixtures
    - consists of two or more pure substances

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  1. Radioactive decay• The particles of matter in the air made radioactive from a nuclear explosion. Some of these particles fall in the immediate area and some get blown by upper winds many thousands of miles. Eventually they fall to the earth


  2. Three mile islanda island in the Susquehanna River, near Middletown, Pennsylvania; scene of a newar-disastrous accident at a nuclear plant in 1979 that raised the issue of nuclear-energy safety.


  3. Beta DecayLand areas that tend to be wet or are regularly flooded for at least part of the


  4. valuesA compound made up of the positive ion from the base and the negative ion from the acid


  5. 5 natural resources in LAmixtures with characteristics part way between a solution and a suspension. Colloidal dispersions may appear homogeneous but are actually heterogeneous. Colloidal dispersions do not settle when left standing undisturbed for a period of time. Colloidal dispersions do show the tyndall effect.