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vocabulary on christianity, judaism, and islam


Main sacred writing in judaism

places of worship

synagogue, temple, shul (a place where people go to pray and worship


holiday that celebrates victory/miracle from ancient times

bar (or bat) mitzvah

a ceremony where a child becomes an adult in the jewish religion

yom kippur

holiday, day of atonement - reflect and ask forgiveness(one of the most holy holidays)


a man who lived 4,000 years ago and founded judaism

rosh hashanah

holiday celebrating the jewish new year

10 commandments

the laws that god gave to moses (who was a prophet) to give to the people


sacred writing of all the commandments/laws


Any religion that believes in one God.

3 branches of judaism

All follow the moral/ethical teachings on Judaism. Orthodox (most strict in performing historic traditions), Conservative (middle - follow or adapt many historic traditions), Reform (least strict in performing all the historic traditions)


The story of how Moses freed the Jewish people from slavery, refers to how the angel of death passed over the Jewish people during the last of the 10 plagues.


Spiritual leader "teacher"


Every week from Fri night - Sat night - day of rest & worship


Leads and reads the chant & songs during a service

star of david

A Jewish symbol


Place of worship and prayer


Spiritual leader of the Catholic church

jesus christ

Christians believe that Jesus is God's son. Starts the Christian faith through his teachings.


Christian symbol, reminds Christians of Jesus death and resurrection.


Ceremony that welcomes people into the church through water.


Ceremony that remembers the Last Supper and involves bread and wine representing body and blood of Jesus Christ.


Holiest holiday for Christians. It celebrates Jesus's death and resurrection.


Someone who is brought back to life from death.


Adults or young adults 'confirm' their choice to be Christian.


Sacred writing in Christianity

old and new testament

Parts of the Bible Old Testament - Jewish sacred writings New Testament - stories of Jesus's life and early Christians.


Holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.


Three parts of God - Father, Son & Holy Spirit

three branches

Orthodox Catholic Protestant

five pillars

1. Testify belief in only 1 God 2. Pray 5 times a day 3. Give charity to the poor 4. Fast during Ramadan
5. Trip to Mecca once in lifetime


Name of God in Islam


Baby naming ceremony, traditionally you give charity in honor of baby.


language that Qu'ran is written in

eid-al fitr

3 day festival at the end of Ramadan - is a time to spend with family


Leader of prayer during service


Holy mosque located in Mecca


Holy city, Muslims face towards Mecca when they pray


Place where people go to pray and worship


Founder of Islam, prophet (messenger for God)


Sacred writing in Islam


Holiest holiday, fast for month (dawn-sunset), is a time of reflection


A sacred writing that gives guidelines about behavior

two branches of islam

Sunni & Shiite - split occurred because of different beliefs of who should lead the church.

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