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Maniac Magee CH 22-26


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where was maniac living?
buffalo pen at the elmwood park zoo
who found maniac? where did they go? what did they do?
Grayson - the park attendant. he found maniac lying on the ground outside the pen. he took maniac to the baseball equipment room in the empty band shell. Grayson got some food for maniac, and then maniac told him his story. then maniac went with Grayson in the truck to get some butterscotch krimpets.
what did they do after grayson bought the krimpets?
grayson took maniac to his home at the Two Mills YMCA, and got him a shower. then he took maniac shopping and bought him some clothes
where did maniac say he wanted to stay?
he said he wanted to stay in the locker room at the band shell
grayson asked maniac about school. what was maniac's answer?
he said he did not want to go to school. he did not tell Grayson why, but he thought that he did not want to have school if he did not have a home. he told Grayson he would run away if Grayson tried to make him go to school.
what kind of questions did grayson ask maniac?
he asked questions about the way black people in the east end lived. he wanted to know if they brushed their teeth, what they ate, and if they drank out of the same glass in the bathroom
what did grayson invite maniac to do, and what was maniac's reply?
grayson invited maniac to stay with him at the YMCA, but maniac said he wanted to stay at the band shell
whaat did maniac discover about grayson's past?
grayson had been a minor league baseball player
how did maniac and grayson begin spending their afternoons?
maniac would go with grayson and help him repair fences around the park. grayson told baseball stories and fed maniac. grayson began giving maniac instructions on how to play baseball
how was maniac keeping up with his education?
he used the money grayson gave him for krimpets and bought used books at the library. every morning he read and studied.
what did grayson ask maniac to do?
grayson asked maniac to teach him to read