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all of the vocab in Ecce Romani up to IIB

ā or ab

from, by (used with ablative)

abeo abire abii or abivi abitus

to go away


ago, previously

abominandus a um

horrible, detestable

abripio abripere abripui abreptus

to snatch away

abstinens abstinentis

refraining from (used with ablative)

absum abesse afui afuturus

to be away

idem ac

the same as

accendo accendere accendi accensus

to set on fire

accidit accidere accidit

it happens

accipio accipere accepi acceptus

to recieve, welcome

accumbo accumbere accubui accubitus

to recline

accuro accurrere accurri accursus

to run toward/up to

accuso are avi atus

to accuse

acer acris acre




actor actoris m



to, toward, at, near (used with the accusative)

ad tempus

on time

addo addere addidi additus

to add

adduco adducere adduxi adductus

to lead on, bring


so much

adeo adire adii aditus

to come to, approach


still, as yet

adimo adimere ademi ademptus

to take away (from) (used with dative)

adiuvo adiuvare adiuvi adiutus

to help

admiratio admarationis f


admirationi esse

to be a source of amazement

admiror ari atus sum

to wonder

admoveo admovere admovi admotus

to move toward

adopto are avi atus

to adopt

adorior adoriri adortus sum

to attack

adsto adstare adstiti

to stand near, stand by

adstantes adstantium m pl


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