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5 Reptile Characteristics

a. Covered with tough, dry scales

b. Ectothermic

c. Breath with lungs throughout their lives

d. Three-chambered heart with a ventricle that is partially divided

e. Produce amniotic eggs covered with a leathery shell, most oviparous, some ovoviviparous

6 Bird Characteristics

a. Endothermic

b. Heart with four chambers

c. Toothless bill

d. Oviparous, laying an amniotic egg that is covered in a lime-containing shell

e. Covered with feathers

f. Skeleton composed of porous, lightweight bones (not a characteristic of all birds)

5 Mammal Characteristics

a. Hair covering the skin

b. Reproduce with internal fertilization and usually viviparous

c. Nourish their young with milk secreted from specialized glands

d. Four-chambered heart

e. Endothermic

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