Revolutionary War


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Great Britain
-England became Great Britain in the early 1700s
-Included England and Scotland
-part of the English government that helped make laws

- colonists had no voice (representation) here
"No taxation without representation"
The idea that England couldn't tax the colonists if they had no voice in the government (Parliament)
The French and Indian War
-A war between England and France
-England won
-Left England in debt
Intolerable Acts
-taxes place on the colonies
-ex: Stamp Act and Tea Act
-colonists did not think they were fair
self governing
-people (not kings) had the authority to govern
-Declaration declared that the colonies were self-governing
Thomas Jefferson
-helped write the Declaration of Independence
- thought the colonists should be free from England
-thought the King should rule
Continental Army
-the colonists army
-led by George Washington
-traveled with soldiers from battle to battle
-cooked, sewed, and nursed the wounded
-ran businesses while their husband were away
Enslaved Africans
-some fought in the war for a chance at freedom
American Indians
-some fought with the Virginia Patriots
-some fought with the British Red Coats
Red Coats
-nickname for British soldiers
-because of their red jackets
leader of the army
George Washington
-was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
-led the colonists
Patrick Henry
-spoke out for the colonists
-"...give me liberty, or give me death."
James Lafayette
-was an enslaved African American
-served in the Continental Army
-won his freedom after the war
Battle of Great Bridge
-first land battle fought in Virginia
-American victory
-After, British governor had to flee (run away from) Virginia
Jack Jouett
-"Paul Revere of the South"
-road on horseback to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming to arrest him
Battle of Yorktown
-Last Battle of the Revolutionary War
-Americans win
-British army surrenders

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