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What character narrates the novel?

Cassie Logon

Who wrote the novel?

Mildred D. Taylor

Which family are victims of the burning?

The Berry family

How does the school bus terrorize the Logan children on their way to school?

it drives too fast and splashes water on them when its raining. The drives also swerves and pretends its going to hit them.

What kind of car does Uncle Hammer own?

Silver Packard

Who else has a car like Uncle Hammer's?

Harlan Granger

Who are the brothers TJ hangs out with after he loses his friendship with the Logan children?

Melvin and R.W. Simms

Why does Cassie begin to be nice to Lillian Jean?

she wants to build her trust so she can carry out her plan of revenge.

Why does Papa bring Mr. Morrison to live with the family?

so he can protect them while Papa is away working.

What happens to TJ at the end of the novel?

he gets saved from being lynched and is taken to jail instead.

The Logan children are told NOT to go to what store?

The Wallace store

What is Mr. Logan's occupation?

cotton farmer and railroad worker

Why does Stacey get a whipping from his Mom at school?

he was caught with cheat notes

How do the Logan children sabotage the school bus?

they dig a ditch that fills with rain and the bus get stuck in it

Why does Little Man get a whipping on the first day of school?

because he won't accept an old, used textbook that white children discarded

To whom does Stacey give his new coat?

he gives it to TJ Avery

What is Mr. Jamison's occupation?


To whom does Big Ma transfer the ownership of the land?

Papa and Uncle Hammer

Why do the Logan children break their friendship with TJ?

he helped get Mama fired from her teaching job at the school

Who is Papa with when he gets shot?

Stacey and Mr. Morrison

How does the fire start? Why?

Papa lights his cotton on fire to distract the mob from lynching TJ

Why does Cassie know that Lillian Jean won't tell her father that Cassie beat her up?

because Lillian knows Cassie will tell everyone her secrets and she doesn't want that

Who inspired the author to write the novel?

her father

During what time in history does the novel take place?

The Great Depression

Who in the novel has a very short temper?

Uncle Hammer

What gift does Jeremy give Stacey for Christmas?

a handmade flute

What is the Logan children's nickname for their grandmother?

Big Ma

What US state does the novel take place?


Where do the Logan's go to shop after boycotting the Wallace store?


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