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  1. example of a renewable resources
  2. petroleum
  3. adavantages of hydroelectricity
  4. gravel
  5. examples of a nonrenewable resource
  1. a trees
  2. b is made by little rocks and is used to build roads
  3. c commonly called crude oil, and natural gas form in a way similar to the way that coal forms
  4. d coal and copper
  5. e they don't need fuel to make electricity, no waste is left behind, and there is no pollution

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  1. to save energy
  2. that the wind doesn't blow all at the same time and birds are also killed by them flying into the towers or the blades also people think they are noisy and ugly
  3. animal waste, wood, grasses, or food waste
  4. is slowly and constantly being made from weathering rock and decaying plants
  5. asphalt, plastic, grease, and wax

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  1. solar energyenergy from sunlight that is renewable and use mirrors to make it


  2. what happens when you burn coalgasoline, deisel fuel, and other fuels


  3. wateris a renewable resouce becuase of the water cycle


  4. nuclear power plantsuse uranium instead of fossil fuels to make steam in order to produce electricity and do not give off smoke


  5. advantages of wind energywindmills don't cause air pollution