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  1. resource
  2. energy resources can be saved by
  3. disadvantages of solar energy
  4. windmills
  5. water
  1. a it is not able at night or cloudy days and systems to make electricity from solar energy are expensive to make and maintain. Factories that make solar cells produce very dangerous waste
  2. b is a supply that will meet a need for materials or energy
  3. c is a renewable resouce becuase of the water cycle
  4. d using furnaces and airconditioners less and turning off lights that are not in use
  5. e used to grind flour or grain

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  1. coal and copper
  2. carry the gas to storage tanks until it is needed
  3. causes air and water pollutions and also they bare soil to mudslides and erosion
  4. utensils, cars, bridges, and buildings
  5. plant life under certain conditions, layers of dead plants build up and form material called peat. Peat gets burried and slowly changes into soft coal and then hard coal

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  1. airis a renewable resource because the pollution slowly settles out of atmosphere or gets caught in rain


  2. biomassis a material that was recently alive and we can never run out of it


  3. nonrenewable resourceeither cannot be replaced at all or cannot be replaced as fast as we use it


  4. a disadvantage of biomasstheir supplies are being limited and burning coal and oil can cause air pollution and hurt plants, plants, animals,and buildings. Also oil spills pollute the ocean


  5. what can be formed from crude oilgasoline, deisel fuel, and other fuels