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  1. recycling
  2. solar energy
  3. advantages of wind energy
  4. mining
  5. energy resources can be saved by
  1. a means to treat something so it can be used again
  2. b energy from sunlight that is renewable and use mirrors to make it
  3. c causes air and water pollutions and also they bare soil to mudslides and erosion
  4. d windmills don't cause air pollution
  5. e using furnaces and airconditioners less and turning off lights that are not in use

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  1. is a supply that will meet a need for materials or energy
  2. minerals, water, air, and soil, gold, iron, copper, salt, and other solid materials
  3. it is not able at night or cloudy days and systems to make electricity from solar energy are expensive to make and maintain. Factories that make solar cells produce very dangerous waste
  4. plant life under certain conditions, layers of dead plants build up and form material called peat. Peat gets burried and slowly changes into soft coal and then hard coal
  5. burning biomass causes air pollution

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  1. nuclear power plantsenergy from sunlight that is renewable and use mirrors to make it


  2. windmillsused to grind flour or grain


  3. advantages of solar energysunlight will not run out for billions of years and solar energy does not cost any pollution


  4. pulpsoft and wet paper


  5. what happens when you burn coalburning coal turns into a steam and then causes generators to spin and make energy