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  1. windmills
  2. example of a renewable resources
  3. soil
  4. fossil fuels
  5. what happens when you burn coal
  1. a trees
  2. b is slowly and constantly being made from weathering rock and decaying plants
  3. c since oil, natural gas, and coal are made from the remains of organisms
  4. d used to grind flour or grain
  5. e burning coal turns into a steam and then causes generators to spin and make energy

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  1. it is easy to store and move coal and oil andit's easier to get large amounts of energy from fossil fuels than from other energy resources
  2. carry the gas to storage tanks until it is needed
  3. causes air and water pollutions and also they bare soil to mudslides and erosion
  4. is made by making iron and other substanses and is made into cars, skyscrapers, and even paper clips
  5. gasoline, deisel fuel, and other fuels

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  1. gravelis made by little rocks and is used to build roads


  2. pulpsoft and wet paper


  3. gysumis a white material from rocks


  4. disadvantages of wind energythat the wind doesn't blow all at the same time and birds are also killed by them flying into the towers or the blades also people think they are noisy and ugly


  5. disadvantages of solar energysunlight will not run out for billions of years and solar energy does not cost any pollution