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  1. examples of biomass
  2. gysum
  3. advantages of wind energy
  4. biomass
  5. gravel
  1. a is a material that was recently alive and we can never run out of it
  2. b is made by little rocks and is used to build roads
  3. c animal waste, wood, grasses, or food waste
  4. d windmills don't cause air pollution
  5. e is a white material from rocks

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  1. using furnaces and airconditioners less and turning off lights that are not in use
  2. burning coal turns into a steam and then causes generators to spin and make energy
  3. use uranium instead of fossil fuels to make steam in order to produce electricity and do not give off smoke
  4. either cannot be replaced at all or cannot be replaced as fast as we use it
  5. it is not able at night or cloudy days and systems to make electricity from solar energy are expensive to make and maintain. Factories that make solar cells produce very dangerous waste

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  1. uses of iron oreis a supply that will meet a need for materials or energy


  2. examples of a nonrenewable resourcecoal and copper


  3. how to make coalis made by little rocks and is used to build roads


  4. disadvantages of wind energywindmills don't cause air pollution


  5. miningis slowly and constantly being made from weathering rock and decaying plants


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