Chapter 11 CIG

Yamato Clan
a clan that ruled most of japan in the AD 500's. they said that they had a right to rule japan because they were descended by the sun goddess. the leader jimmu took the title "emperor of heaven"
Shotoku Taishi
Is from the yamato clan which was the dominant clan in Japan at the time. He sends experts to china to see how their centralized government and culture worked.
Nara Period
Japanese period (710- 794), centered on the city of Nara. They were influenced by the Sui and the Tang, they had a centralized government, a Chinese Bureaucracy, and an equal field system.
Heian Period
The era in Japanese history from A.D. 794-1185, arts and writing flourished during this time
Kamakura Shogunate
The first of Japan's decentralized military governments. (1185-1333).
a japanese feudal lord who commanded a private army of samurai
Khmer Empire
The most powerful and longest-lasting kingdom on the mainland of southwest Asia, centering in what is today Cambodia.
Malay Peninsula
a peninsula in southeastern Asia occupied by parts of Malaysia and Thailand and Myanmar