13 terms

French Food 2

Ask him if he is hungry.
As-tu faim?
Ask him if he wants a cheese sandwich or a croque monsieur.
Veux-tu un sandwich au fromage ou un croque monsieur?
Ask him if he wants some chocolate ice cream.
Veux-tu une glace au chocolat?
Tell you friend that you are hungry.
J'ai faim.
Tell your friend what food item you would like.
Je voudrais un hot dog.
Politely call the waiter.
Monsieur, s'il vous plaît!
The waiter asks for you order.
Vous désirez?
Tell the waiter to please give you the beverage of your choice.
Donnez-moi au chocolat, s'il vous plaît.
Ask the cost of the beverage.
C'est combien?
The waiter gives the cost of the beverage.
Il coûte trois euros.
Tell the waiter that you would like 2 food items.
Je voudrais un hot dog et un croque madame.
Ask the waiter for the total cost.
ça fait combien?
The waiter tells you that the total cost is 12 euros.
ça fait douze euros.