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Gray Matter

H-shaped; dendrites and neuron cell bodies

White Matter

Bundles of mylienated nerve fibers called spinal tracts

Ascending Tracts

Conducts impulses up the spinal cord to the brain

Descending Tracts

Conducts impulses from the brain down the spinal cord


Loss of sensation


Loss of the ability to make voluntary movements

Sensory Neuron ( Afferent )

Contains receptors that receive impuses from stimuli in tendons, skin, and motor neurons

Interneuron ( Association )

OPTIONAL- conducts impulses between sensory neurons and motor nuerons.

Motor Nueron ( Efferent )

sends impulses from spinal cord to an effector ( a muscle or gland )

Reflex Center

The part of the reflex arc that is within the grey matter of the spinal cord.

Posterior Root Ganglion

Contain hundreds of sensory neuron cell bodies


produces myelin AND allows for regenerations ( something CNS nerves CANNOT do because they do not have neurilemma )

Cranial Nerves

-12 Pairs
-attached to underside of brain
-control areas NOT controlled by spinal nerves


For vision


For eye movement


controls digestive and heart activity

Spinal Nerves

-31 pairs
-attached to spinal cord
-controls impulses from all parts of the body except the tract the cranial nerves control


Largest nerve in the body


Inflammation of the sciatic nerve

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