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Marbury v. Madison

judicial review

McCollough v. Maryland

supremacy clause/ necessary and proper clause (always Congress)

Plessy v. Fergusen

narrow interpretation of 14th amendment; separate but equal

Brown v. Board

broad interpretation of 14th amendment; reversed Plessy

Gitlow v. NY

incorporated 1st amendment; due process clause

Mapp v. OH

14th and 4th; exclusionary rule (can't use illegally obtained evidence in court)

Giedeon v. Weignright

14th and 6th; right to attorney

Miranda v. AZ

5th and 14th; defendants rights

Wolf v. CO

4th and 14th; no illegal search and seizure

CA v. Bakke

affirmative action (quotas unconstitutional)

Roe v. Wade

14th and 9th; right to privacy (1st trimester abortion ok)

Baker v. Carr

violates principle of "one person, one vote"

Miller v. CA

obscenity up to the local government

Dred Scott v. Sanford

freed slaves sent back to their state; victory for Southern states over federal gov't

Angle v. Batali

school prayer

Gibbons v. Augden

expand interstate commerce clause (Congress)

US v. Nixon

no unqualified executive privilege

TX v. Johnson

flag burning is legal: freedom of speech

realigning election

election that changes parties

rule of four

4 supreme court justices agree to hear a case

habeas corpus

must have a charge to be held

concurrent powers

shared powers between state and federal gov't


nongermane attachment to a bill

judicial review

power given to supreme court to rule on constitutionality

necessary and proper

gives Congress ability to do something that helps it carry out its powers

iron triangle

bureaucracy, interest groups, Congress; how laws are made

commerce clause

allows Congress to control any economic activity

due process

everybody has same rights when getting arrested

eminent domain

gov'ts ability to take your property for the betterment of the community


office of management and budget; controls the money


gives money to candidates ($5000 max)

block grant

more disgression; favored by states and Reps

category grant

criteria must be met; favored by Dems & federal gov't

coattail effect

when the president is popular, he brings people from his party into office and vice versa

selective preparation

watch TV (etc.); your ideology impacts how you perceive the story/debate/etc.


delay tactic in senate


stops filibuster, needs60 votes min


the most votes; what you need to win an election

senatorial courtesy

senate nominates a judge for their state


exchanging of votes on the congressional floor

standing committee

permanent, most of the work gets done on a bill

conference committee

final version of a bill is written up


how congressmen vote for us


how congressmen vote for themselves


single year you spend more than you take in


combined deficits

divided government

different parties divide the gov't

Motor Voter Law

tries to get more citizens to register to vote

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