History Chapters 7,8,and 9

What event started World War I?
the killing of Archduke
When World War I broke out in Europe, what position did the United States take?
It tried to stay neutral
How did American industries support the nation's war effort?
They lowered prices so people could afford to buy scarce goods
Why did people buy war bonds?
to loan the government money to fight the war
the belief in _________________ made nations more willing to solve problems by using force.
A strong spirit of ________________ caused many ethnic groups in Europe to want a country of their own.
During World War I, armies used trench warfare, and each side tried to advance across _________________.
no-man's land
The United States returned to a policy of _________________ after World War I.
After a long struggle, women finally gained ________________ in 1920.
Many Americans wanted the United States to join the war when a German submarine sank a British passenger ship called the _______________.
President _______________________ was in favor of keeping the United States out of Europe's problems.
Woodrow Wilson
World War I started in the year ____________________.
All men between the ages of 21 and 30 had to sign up for the ____________________.
military draft
What was President Wilson's plan for world peace called ___________________?
League of Nations
Why were more people able to own automobiles, radios, washing machines, and other goods in the 1920s?
because of lower taxes on imports
What change in the 1920's caused cities to expand outward?
more automobiles
Which of the following had the greatest influence on entertainment and the arts during the 1920s?
What form of music became popular in the 1920s?
consumer goods
produdcts made for personal use
installment buying
making monthly payments until the full price has been paid
production by machines
movement of people to cities
time of much interest and activity in the arts