40 terms

earth, moon and beyond

what color are the coolest stars
what color is our star the sun
what color are the hottest stars
what are stars classified by
what object is at the center of our solar system
the sun
the milky way galaxy has what shape
barred spiral
our solar system is in what galaxy
Milky Way
all galaxies and everything in space
our planet spins around what imaginary line
an axis
What is it called when the Earth spins on it's axis
What does one complete ROTATION of the Earth equal
1 Day
What is the path that Earth follows around the sun
What is the movement of the Earth around the sun called
What does one REVOLUTION of the Earth equal
1 Year
How long is the Lunar cycle (the moons revolution)
29 and a half (29.5) days
What is caused by the tilt of the Earth's axis
Our system of time is based on this
One rotation of the Earth
List the Planets in order from the SUN
1.Mercury 2. Venus, 3, Earth, 4. Mars, 5. Jupiter, 6. Saturn, 7. Uranus, 8. Neptune, 9. Pluto
What is a pattern of stars
What is a huge ball of hot gases (the sun)
What is held in place by the gravitational force of a star
What is made up of a star and al the planets and objects that revolve around the star
Solar System
The position of the moon over a month's time. Each phase reflect the sun in different ways creating certain shapes
Moon phase
What is the imaginary line that passes through the Earth's poles
What is a swirling mass of stars, gas and dust
Everything that exists, including planets, stars, dusts and gases
What are four differences between the Earth and the moon?
1. The moon is smaller
2. The moon pull of gravity is a 1/6 that of the Earth
3. the moon has no atmosphere
4. the moon has no liquid water
What are the four thing the same between the Earth and the moon
1. both are fairly dense
2. both are both rocky
3. both are made of the same elements
4. They both have craters
What 3 reasons are there more craters on the moon than the Earth
1. There is no weather on the moon to erode the craters like there is on the Earth.
2. The Earth has more craters because the meteors burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.
3. The moon has lower gravity than Earth which preserves it's craters
Any natural body that revolves around a planet
a low, bowl shaped area on the surface of a planet or moon
one of the shapes the moon seems to have as it orbits the Earth
moon shape
an event that occurs when one object in spaces passes trhought the shadow of another object in space
the bending of light as it moves from one material to another
the same side of the moon always faces what
one of the shapes the moon seems to have as it orbits earth
moon phase
what happens when the moon casts a shadow on the Earth
solar eclipse
what is in the shadow during a solar eclipse
what happens when the Earth blocks the suns' light to the moon
Lunar Eclipse
what time of day or night does a lunar eclipse happen