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adj. Done too late; having been delayed beyond the usual time.


n. 1. Degree of importance or excellence.
2. The diameter of a bullet or inside of a gun barrel.


n. A feeling of embarrassment or annoyance caused by having failed or being disappointed.
v. To cause to feel unease.


v. To act against or be counter to.


n. 1. Failure to do what is required by duty or law.
2. An automatic selection made according to a computer program when the user does not make a choice.
v. To fail to pay what or when one should.


n. pl. A condition of feeling sad, bored, or sluggish.


v. To inscribe or decorate conspicuously.


adj. Standing above others in worth, rank, or fame.


n. The act of standing above others in worth, rank, or fame.


v. To use up; consume.


v. 1. To come to an end.
2. To die.


n. A person who explains, interprets, or works to make something popular.


n. A person new at something; a beginner.


adj. Moving with quickness and ease; lively.


adj. 1. Lack substance; flimsy.
2. Not thick; slender.
3. Lacking density; thin.


n. A truth that is so well known that it is almost unnecessary to say it.

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