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What Does Intravenous Mean?

Pertaining to within the vein (intra-ven-ous)

What Does Endotracheal Mean?

Pertaining to within the trachea (end-trache-al)

What Does Neuroma Mean?

Tumor of the nerve (neur-oma)

What Does Malnutrition Mean?

Being or having bad or inadequate nourishment (mal-nutri-tion)

What Does Gastrointestinal Mean?

Pertaining to the stomach and intestines (gastro-intestin-al)

What Does Polyneuropathy Mean?

Disease of many nerves (poly-neuro-pathy)

What Does Pericardial Mean?

Pertaining to around the heart (peri-cardi-al)

What Does Hypothyroidism Mean?

Disease from a specific cause of deficient function of the thyroid gland (hypo-thyroid-ism)

What Does Bradycardia Mean?

Condition of slow heart rate (brady-card-ia)

What Does Premenstrual Mean?

Pertaining to before the monthly discharge of blood (pre-menstru-al)

What Does Gastroscopy Mean?

Process of using an instrument to examine the stomach (gastro-scopy)

What Does Subcutaneous Mean?

Pertaining to underneath the skin (sub-cutane-ous)

What Does Anesthesia Mean?

Condition of being without sensation or feeling (an-esthes-ia)

What Does Psychiatry Mean?

Medical treatment of the mind (psych-iatry)

What Does Thyroidectomy Mean?

Surgical excision of the thyroid gland (thyroid-ectomy)

What Are Prefixes?

Begin the words of medical terms

What Are Suffixes?

Ends the words of medical terms

What Does Supine Mean?

Lying on one's back (spine)

What Does Prone Mean?

Facing downward

What Is Palpation?

Touching/Pressing on the patient

What Is Percussion?


What Is Auscultation?

Listening with a stethoscope

What Is Liver?


What Is Mind?


What Is Heart?


What Is Stomach?


What Is Enlargement?


What Is Joint?


What Is Voice-box?


What Is Abdomen?

Lapar/o- or abdomin/o

What Is Vein?


What Is Skin?

Cutane/o- or derm/o

What Is thyroid/o-?

Shield-shaped structure (thyroid gland

What Is -ectomy?

Surgical excision

What Is -oma?

Tumor or mass

What is neur/o-?


What Is mal-?

Bad or inadequate

What Is nutri/o-?


What Is -ation?

A process of being or having

What Is menstru/o-?

Monthly discharge of blood

What Is -al/-ous?

Pertaining to

What Is ven/o-?


What Is intra-?


What Is -ia?

A condition, state, or thing

What Is brady-?


What Is card/o-?


What Is endo-?

Innermost or within

What is trache/o-?


What Is -iatry?

Medical treatment

What Is psych/o-?


What Is peri-?


What is -pathy?

Disease or suffering

What Is poly-?

many or much

What Is sub-?

Below, underneath, or less than

What Is cutane/o-?


What Is hypo-?

Below or deficient

What Is -ism?

process or disease from a specific cause

What Is -scopy?

Process of using an instrument to examine

What Is intestin/o-?


What Is an-?

Without or not

What Is esthes/o?

Sensation or feeling

What Is itis-?


What Is bi/o?


What Is cholecyst/o?

Gallbladder (right upper quadrant)

What Is col/o or colon/o?

Colon or large intestine

What Is cost/o?


What Is enter/o?

Intestine (often small intestine)

What Is gemin/o?

Set or group

What Is hem/o or hemat/o?


What Is hepat/o?


What Is hyster/o or uter/o?


What Is lapar/o?

Abdominal wall

What Is laryng/o?


What Is later/o?


What Is mamm/o or mast/o?


What Is ment/o or psych/o?


What Is muscul/o?


What Is nas/o?


What Is rhin/o?

When you fix something in nose

What Is phag/o?

Eat or swallow

What Is Disphagia?

Painful or difficult swallowing

What Is pleg/o?


What Is pneumon/o?

Lung or air

What Is spir/o?


What Is tens/o?


What Is therap/o?

Treatment or therapy

What Is tonsill/o?


What Is -ac, -al, -ar, -ary?

Pertaining to (four terms)

What Is -gram?

Record or picture

What Is -graphy?

Process of recording

What Is -lysis?

Process of breaking down or destroying

What Is -logy?

Study of

What Is -metry?

Process of measuring

What Is -osis?

Abnormal condition, related to an increase

What Is -pathy?


What Is -scope?

Instrument for viewing or examining

What Is -stomy?

Surgically created or semi-permanent opening

What Is -tomy?

incising or cutting into

What Is -sis?

State of

What Is -y?


What Is anti-?


What Is de-?

Reversal of or without

What Is dys-?

Difficult, painful, abnormal

What Is epi-?

Above or upon

What Is eu-?

Normal or good

What Is hemi-?


What Is hyper-?

High or excessive

What Is hypo-?

Low or less than normal

What Is Inter-?


What Is Intra-?


What Is mal-?


What Is mono-?

Single or one

What Is Quadri-?


What Is re-?

Backward or again

What Is tachy-?

Rapid or fast

What Is trans-?


What Is Arthroscopy?

Procedure to view joints

What Is Gastrectomy?

Removing the stomach

What Is Enterotomy?

Incision into chest

What Is Spirometry?

Process of measuring breathing

What Is Tracheostomy?

Semi-permanent surgical opening in the trachea

What Is Hepatitis?

Liver inflammation

What Is Colonoscopy?

Procedure to view colon/large intestine

What Is Pericardium?

Membrane around the heart

What Is Gastroenterology?

Study of the stomach and intestines

What Is Pneumonectomy?

Removal of a lung

What Is Intercostal?

Between the ribs

What Is Intraabdominal?

Within the abdomen

What Is Endoscopy?

Procedure to visualize the esopahgus

What Is Transhepatic?

Through or across the liver

What Is Subcardiac?

Below the heart

What Is Bronchogenic Carcinoma?

Cancerous tumor originating in a bronchus

A Combining Form Is Defined As?

A word part that has a root and a combining vowel

The Word Part -tomy Is An Example Of?


In The Word Cardiology, The Word -logy Means?

The study of

What Does The Word Part Hemat/o- Mean In The Word Hematoma?


The Suffix -ary In The Word Urinary Means?

Pertaining to

The Word Intravenous Means?

Pertaining to within a vein

The Correct Meaning Of The Word Epigastric Is?

Pertaining to above the stomach

What Is The medical Word For "Surgical Excision Of The Gallbladder"?


What Is The Correct Word Parts For The Term Tachycardia?


The HIPAA Law Was Enacted In Order To?

Assure the privacy of patient records

In The Patient's Record, The Abbreviation Dx Stand For?


When Admission Notes Are Written, The Abbreviation CC Stands For?

Chief complaint

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