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(n.) a thin outer layer; a surface appearance or decoration in order to make it more attractive or cover defects; a deceptively attractive outward appearance
(v.) to cover with a thin layer


(adj.) worthy of reverence due to character, position, age, or religious or historical associations


(n.) habitual adherence to the truth; accuracy


(adj.) able to do many things well; capable of many uses


(n.) the right or power of the chief executive to reject measures approved by the legislative body; any authoritative prohibition
(v.) to prevent a bill from becoming a law by exercising the right of veto; to prohibit or reject


(v.) to struggle for superiority with; to contend with


(adj.) inclined to seek revenge; intended to inflict pain or harm


(v.) to impair the quality, force, or value of; to debase


(adj.) evaporating readily at normal temperatures or pressure levels/ changeable and potentially explosive


(v.) to decrease gradually in size, extent, power, or intensity
(n.) a gradual decline or decrease


(n.) intense anger


(n.) a wooden frame joining a pair of oxen or other draft animals together at the neck; any form or symbol of bondage or subjection
(v.) to join or bond together


(n.) a comical person given to outlandish behavior; a buffoon
(adj.) ludicrously comic, bizarre, or absurd


(n.) enthusiastic devotion to something; fervor


(n.) the point of a celestial sphere that is directly above the observer and vertically opposite the extreme point below/ the highest point or state of something

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