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a substance used to make dough rise; to lighten the mood; element that lightens are enlightens


excessively and objectionably sentimental


to roam about in search of pleasure or amusement; to play around amorously, to flirt


a trivial, useless, wasteful project or activity


not to be avoided or overcome; inevitable

piquant, piquancy

pleasantly pungent in taste or odor, spicy; pleasantly or appealingly provocative


commonplace or everyday; occurring daily, used especially for attacks of malaria


lacking spirit or languid


to set the boundaries of, to delimit; to separate clearly as if by boundaries

vertigo, vertiginous

a dizzy sensation, a feeling that one's environment is whirling around; a confused, disoriented state of mind


deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech; double-dealing; the state of being doubled or two-fold


evicted or ousted; without property or status, as wandering or displaced persons; rootless or disenfranchised; disaffiliated, alienated

hegemony, hegemonic

predominance, especially the influence of one's state over the other; the dominant beliefs or attitudes of the majority prevailing over the minority


the spirit of the age/time; the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era


sponsorship or auspices; the shield or breast plate of Zeus; protection or support; "under the aegis of..."


an elementary textbook or a book that covers the basics


the art or science of interpretation, especially of Scriptures


a workbook or dictionary especially of Latin, Greek, or Hebrew; the vocabulary of a particular language, field, social class, person, etc.; the total inventory of words or morphemes in a given language


to turn (a person) from affection to indifference, dislike, or hatred; to keep apart or to keep away


very cautious or wary; shy, timid; not giving or expending freely


the act of assigning; an assignment; an appointment for a meeting or a rendezvous, often between lovers


capable of laughing or inclined to laugh; pertaining to or used in laughter; apt to incite/excite laugher, ludicrous


of or befitting a son of daughter

serendipity, serendipitous

the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident


clumsy, social error, mistake


branch of theology concerned with ultimate or last things, such as death, judgment, heaven & hell, apocalypse


naïve, simplistic, and superficial; without interest; dull or insipid; lacking knowledge or experience; juvenile, immature, childish

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