18 terms

Unit 4: Man and his Environment

Being clear of trees with buildings and roads made in it. Negative effects of the clearing of trees occurred in Amazonia, Madagascar, and Nepal.
When fertile land becomes desert due to drought. This is an issue in the Sahara Desert, as well as the Gobi Desert.
The act of decreasing something.
When things become a gradual decline of quality.
You often find this resource in the Middle East or the North Sea.
You often find this resource in North America or China.
Hydroelectric Power
You often find this resource in Europe, Asia, or The Americas.
You often find this resource in Europe or The Americas.
Wood/Timber (Taiga)
You often find this resource in Northern Latitudes.
A low-lying that slows down rainwater, thus making it easier to get good crops. Often found in the Netherlands.
Terrace Farming
In agriculture, designed to slow or prevent the rapid run-off of irrigation water.
Dams, Irrigation, and Flood Control
Often obtained by China, Egypt, and the Americas, they are used to prevent potential water threats.
The physical features of buildings, roads, best contained in the most developed world countries.
Air Pollution
Pollution of the atmosphere, problematic in Mexico City, Los Angeles, and Beijing.
Water Pollution
Problem found in the Ganges River, Lake Michigan, and the Yangtze River.
Harmful effects of this cause dangerous nuclear explosions and disasters. One famous incident occurred in Chernobyl.
Water Diversion
Lack of dams to facilitate these, a problem with the Colorado River, Aral Sea, Nile River, and Yangzte River.
Shrinking Seas
When seas begin to differ in size, being much more narrow. This is one problem that often occurs in the Aral Sea, as well as Lake Chad.