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changing the state

an animation performed by a method that moves, turns, or performs some other action with objects in the world

pure functions

functions that do not make an object move, turn, or perform some other action


number, Boolean, object, and other

control structure

Do together, Do in order, or, in this case, If/Else

relational operators

math functions such as "<", ">=", or "!="

logical operator

"not 'a'", "both 'a' and 'b'", or "either 'a' or 'b', or both"

random numbers

numbers that can be anywhere between a set range


numbers that have no digits to the right of the decimal point

random motion

when the random number function is combined with the move instruction

purpose of a method

to perform an animation

purpose of a function

to return a value


leave the state of the world unchanged


change the state of the world through the movement in animations


collecting lots of small steps into one meaningful idea to allow us to think on a higher plane

return statement

a part of a function that tells Alice to send back the computed answer.

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