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Utthita Hastasana in Tadasana

Foundation position Shoulder girdle, torso:
Lift the top of the:
Sterna-the breast bone
Soften front ribs toward :
(Conditioning of Air indicator)
Broaden across the
(become larger in distance, from side to side, widen, expend)
Either the pair of bones joining the breast bone to the shoulders-blades, also call clavicle)
Draw the shoulders and trapezius muscles away away the :
Draw(pull) upper and lower trapezium are working to create upward rotation of the scapulae;when engaged the lower trapezium also pulls the shoulders blades away from the neck)
(Either a pair of a large triangular muscles, extending over the back of the neck and shoulder, and moving the head and shoulder blade )
Widen between the bottom of the :
(Upward rotation of scapulae;-shoulder blade)
Shoulder blades
Wrap the outer shoulder blade up toward the
(upward rotation of the scapulae)
Finger tips