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Forensics Final Review

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The study of antigen-antibody reactions
Type B blood contains ____ antigens and anti-______ antibodies
B antigens, Anti-A antibodies
Blood can be characterized as being of human origin by the _____ test
Hair is an appendage of the skin, growing out of an organ known as the
hair follicle
A minimum collection of ____ full-length pubic hairs is recommended to cover the range of characteristics present in this region of the body
Alcohol is absorbed into the blood from the _____ & _____
Stomach, small intestines
In the case of ____, the Supreme Court ruled that the taking of nontestimonial evidence, such as a blood sample, was not in violation of a suspect's Fifth Amendment rights
Schmerber v. California
The single most important instrument for comparing bullets is the
comparison microscope
It (is, is not) proper to insert a pencil into the barrel when picking up a crime scene gun.
is not.
A _____ is any impression caused by a tool coming into contact with another object
tool mark
Current methods for identifying a shooter rely on the detection of ____ residues on the hands
All loops have how many deltas?
the most important consideration in handling a weapon is
The diameter of the gun barrel is known as its
A halo of vaporous lead (smoke) deposited around a bullet hole is normally indicative of a discharge _____ to _____ inches from the target.
12, 18
Restoration of serial numbers is possible because in the stamped zone the metal is placed under a permanent stain that extends beneath the original numbers. (T/F)
A wear pattern can impart _____ characteristics to a shoe
A system of identification of individuals by measurement of parts of the body
The image produced from a digital file is composed of numerous square electronic dots called
Fingerprints/impressions left on a soft material
The first systematic attempt at personal identification was devised and introduced by
Alphonse Bertillon
The simplest of all fingerprint patterns is the
Plain arch
Arches (have, have no) type lines, deltas, or cores
have no
The largest category (25%) in the primary classification system is (1/1, 1/2)
The three general patterns of fingerprints are:
Arch, Loop, Whorl
A permanent scar will form int he skin only when an injury damages the
dermal papillae
High-intensity light sources known as ____ have proven to be effective in developing latent fingerprints.
Alternate light sources
The fingerprint classification system used in most English-speaking countries was devised by
Sir Edward Richard Henry
Used for developing latent prints on nonporous surfaces such as metal and plastic
Super Glue Fuming
One test method for locating powder residues involves transferring particles embedded on the target surface to chemically treated photographic paper. (True/False)
Firings with all types of ammunition can be detected by hand swabbings with nitric acid. (True/False)
A cartridge case (can, cannot) be individualized to a single weapon
Cartridge cases are best marked at the base of the shell. (True/False)
A shotgun has a ____ barrel
The diameter of a shotgun barrel is expressed by the term
The _____ is the original part of the bore left after rifling grooves are formed
Karl Landsteiner discovered that blood can be classified by its
Fluid portion of unclotted blood
Type A individuals have ____ antigens located at the surface of their red blood cells
It is the presence or absence of the ____ and ____ anti-gens on the red blood cells that determine a person's blood type in the A-B-O system.
A, B
Serum contains proteins known as _____, which destroy or inactivate antigens.
Describes the clumping together of red blood cells by the action of an antibody
Type AB blood has (both, neither) anti-A and/nor Anti-B.
Observable characteristic of an individual
Genes that influence a given characteristic and are aligned with one another on a chromosome pair are known as
The amount of alcohol present in the blood (is, is not) directly proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the brain.
The body fluids ____ and ____ are both desirable for toxicological examination of a living person suspected of being under the influence of a drug.
Blood, urine
The amount of carbon monoxide present in blood is usually expressed as
percent saturation
Silver nitrate is present in a breathalyzer ampoule as a ______ to speed up the rate of reaction
Water having a pH value (less, greater) than 7 is basic
Any object that contains handwriting or typescript and whose source or authenticity is in doubt is referred to as a
questioned document
In the case of _____, the Supreme Court held handwriting to be nontestimonial evidence not protected by Fifth Amendment privileges.
Gilbert v. California
Currently, voices analyzed by the sound spectrograph have been widely accepted as evidence in U.S. courts (True/False)
The ____ was first developed at Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1941.
sound spectrograph
_____ writings are partially visible impressions appearing on a sheet of paper underneath the one on which the visible writing was done.