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one of the main divisions of a play or opera


short speech heard by the audience but not by the other characters in the play


a literary work which is amusing and ends well


story acted out, usually on a stage, by actors and actresses who take the parts of specific characters

stage directions

a playwright's descriptive or interpretive comments that provide readers (and actors) with info about the dialogue, setting, and action of a play


unrealistic devices or procedures that the reader (or audience) agrees to accept


a long, uninterrupted speech (in a narrative or drama) that is spoken in the presence of other characters


a division with no change of locale or abrupt shipt of time


speech, usually lengthy, in which a character, alone on stage, expresses his or her thoughts aloud


the spectacle a play presents in performance, including the position of actors on stage, the scenic background, the props and costumes, and the ligting and sound effects

suspension of disbelief

a willingness to suspend one's critical faculties and believe the unbelievable; sacrifice of realism and logic for the sake of enjoyment


in general, a literary work in which the central character meets an unhappy or disastrous end

tragic flaw

weakness or limitation of character, resulting in the fall of the tragic hero


group of characters in Greek tragedy (and in later forms of drama), who comment on the action of a play without participation in it


point at which a character understands his or her situation as it really is


a character who contrasts and parallels the main character in a play or story

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