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extra terms

mare gestation

330 days

cow gestation

270 days

sow gestation

114 days

ewe/goat gestation

150 days


means of permanent identification of animals could be burned or frozen


used to identify animals in herds mostly dairy goats and cattle

ear tagging

very economical type of id that is put in ears


permanent id - usually in ears or mouth- hard to read as animal grows

leghorn chickens

white bread of chicken who lay white eggs


place where poultry digest food- by crushing and grinding


sacklike pouch on esophogus in poultry to store food


type of cut of meat in cattle from lower chest between legs


cut of beef taken from lion section , t-shaped bone


black , hornless cattle known for marbeling in meat


breed of cattle known for loose, wrinkled skin that helps with disease/ insect resistance , cooling and temperature regulation

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