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• 2009- Legislation to require most companies to cover workers; mandate everyone get covered or pay fine; require insurance accept all, regardless of pre-existing conditions & assist those who can't afford insurance
• Individual mandate
o Anyone who can afford it, must pay for health insurance
o If can't afford it, government will subsidize the coverage from a state for federal exchanges
o Individuals will be required to have health coverage that meets minimum standards in 2014
o Individual mandate spreads costs among whole population
o Mandate enforced through the tax system
o Penalty for not having insurance: greater of $695 (up to $2085 for family) or 2.5% of family income
o Exemptions for certain groups and if people cannot find affordable health insurance
• Individual mandate & Insurance policy excluding patients with preexisting condition-
• Insurance co's want individual mandate b/c ppl don't buy insurance if don't get it thru job/aren't sick
• Insurance would be cheaper if everyone had it
• Insurance has less of a risk- cost per capita is lower
• Currently exclude people with pre-existing conditions because costs more money
• Get more healthy people in pool b/c get more people who pay but don't use so can cover people who are covered for more than they pay (pre-existing conditions)
• Insurance couldn't get rid of policies of pre-existing conditions w/o individual mandate
• Makes sense from insurance company that can provide coverage if they have a larger healthy pool