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substances that, when taken internally or applied to the body, help prevent or cure a disease or other medical problem

Synergistic effect

the interaction of 2 or more medicines that results in greater effect than when the medicines are taken independently


medicines you can buy without a doctor's prescription

Medicine misuse

using a medicine in a way other than the one intended


the process that occurs when a person stops using a medicine or other substance to which they are physiologically dependent on

Side effects

reactions to medications other than the one intended

Additive interaction

occurs when medicines work together in a positive way


condition in which the body becomes used to the effect of the medicine

Antagonistic interaction

occurs when the effect of a medicine is cancelled or reduced when taken with other medicine


a preparation, containing weakened or dead pathogens that cause a particular disease, given to prevent one from contracting that disease


pain relievers

Prescription medications

medicines that can't be used safely without the written approval of a licensed physician

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