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chapter 5 guide to software

List 4 ways to start Task Manager
Ctrl Alt Del. Right click system tray, command prompt taskmgr.exe. Ctrl+shift+esc
If a program is not responding how do you stop it?
you can end it by selecting end task at the bottom of task manager
If a program is using too much of system resources and bogging down other applications what can you do to fix the problem
Open task manager, end the program and then if needed restart it.
How can you get a list of users currently logged onto the computer
Task Manager, users tab
What is the filename and extension of the System Configuration Utility
what tool in windows Vista used to disable a start up program is not available in windows XP
Software Explorer
If a nonessential service is slowing down startup how can you permanantly disable it
Services.msc manually change the startup type column. You have 4 options Automatic,(delayed start) Automatic, Manual,
What tool can you use to set the start up type of service for windows
Msconfig tool and later operating systems in XP run type msconfig.exe hit the return key look for strt up tab & uncheck
List 3 snapins that can be found in both Windows Vista & XP Computer Management windows that are used to manage hardware & track problems with hardfware
Device Manager, Disk Manager, Task Manager
What is the file extension of a console that is managed by Microsoft Management Console
What are the program filename&extensions of the Microsoft Management Console
Which log in event viewer would you use to findout about attempted logins to a computer
which log in event viewer would you use if you suspect a problem with the hard drive
The system log record
What is the program filename and extension of the Reliability and performance Monitor
What is the path to the Ntuser.dat file in windows Vista
This is a hidden file in a hidden directory C:\user\default\ntuser.dat
Which registry key contains information that Device Manager uses to display information about hardware
Device manager reads data from the HKLM ( hlkey_local_machine)to build the information it uses about hardware configurations
What tool in windows XP do you use to back up the system state
What is the Vista tool that can give you a quick reportof the overall performanceof the system
Windows experience index
To improve windows performance you decide to disable the indexer used for windowssearch. Will windows search still work
Yes it will.
What 3 indicators in Task Manager can be used to find which program has a memory leak
Working set, handles & thread column
Why is it best to not disable the UAC box
The UAC box protects your system against users making unauthorixed changes & against malware installing itself without your knowledge.
What key do you preaa @ startup to load the system in safe mode
F-8 key
If performance improves when windows is loaded in safe mode, what can you conclude
a non essential startup programs are at fault slowing down the system.
If performance does not improvewhen windows is loaded in safe mode, what can you conclude
It is a problem with the hardware device, a critical driver or a windows component.
When using Msconfig to stop startup services, including Microsoft serviceswhich service would you not stop so that restore points will not be lost
Volume shadow copy or system restore.
what is the purpose of the windows installer service
...It is an operating system service that was created by Microsoft to improve the installation & uninstallation of programs, make software deployment in netwoks easier, and to solve common problems such as shared dll conflicts
In what folder does Task scheduler keep scheduled tasks
C:\ windows\system32\tasks
In what folder is most installed software likely to be found
C:\ programs
What is the name of the control panel appletused to install software in vista
Programs & Features
How is the Ntuser file used
To hold the preferences & settings of the currently logged on user.